next alliance party?

Pardon my noobness, but what is the alliance party?

Does it just decrease the price of the alliance tower?

  • Upgrading the Alliance Tower costs 20% less gems than usually
  • Upgrades are also faster, it will now take 6h at most to upgrade your Alliance Tower!
  • All Alliances have 40% donation bonus! (taxes)
  • All Alliance members get special “Magic Gem Chests” if a member buys a gem package.

Usually this is what an Alliance Party is.

Just used 1,000 gems upgrading alliance tower. So…hope its not coming soon

It WAS coming soon. Lolzzzz!!

But on the previous page oPelle did say that we ll hv it next year. Should hv waited couple more days nd saved 200 gems!

Although this event is weaker for upgrading alliance tower since time taken will be 2 days instead of a few hrs! I had gems saved for three continuous upgrades but will be able to do only 2!