Next conquest in 20 days?

Next conquest in 20 days? You have got to be joking right?

Saying this 1 more time so maybe you can hear it… People have lives!!

Through out this whole forum you should easily be able to gather that pretty much NO ONE wants another conquest in 20 days?

If the horrible part of the game must in fact stay in existence, then it should be a rare “special” occurance. 1x every 3 months or something?

Certainly not again that soon. People are leaving because of it, and the more you shove it down our throats the faster they will go.

I started and played this game all this time because I wanted a non Turn based real time tower defense game. I did not want to play 24hr risk. If I did … I would have downloaded Risk…

Please reconsider how often you plan to force this trash part of the game on us.

Perhaps FIX the wars which was all anyone ever asked that you do!!

We all enjoy the wars, everyone took time and gave input as to what needed to be fixed with them. Instead we were ignored and handed this “thing” that has nothing to do with the game we all enjoyed playing.



That is why i choose conquest is too often in forums poll haha , just me and 3 other guy ?

Seriously? Where does it say that the next one will happen in 20 days? I want to see for myself

This is ridiculous, I definitely don’t want another conquest for the rest of the year, let alone in 20 days

just the timing is not well make. All event at same time. In 9 days its the War Season for 5 days. After its the new Ninja Event so during 2 days. After just time to take a little break from the Ninja event then the Conquest start for 8 days. So we can conclude during September 21th to October 9th prepare to tell your Boss you will not enter in the job. You will be busy 24/7 to do War Season,Ninja Event and Conquest in a game for 2 weeks in a row

its not funny imagine the guy who said to the boss : ‘‘I cannot enter to the job for 2 weeks. I must play a game and will be busy or my leader will kick me out’’

the boss answer : ‘‘Are you serious when you said that?’’

the guy : ‘’ Yep I am seriously RR2 is a my second job but I am not paid for play it’’


It’s ridiculous. It is just making people quit. 

It is a GAME … not Real LIfe…

Flare needs to start thinking about exactly who plays their game. Or no one will be playing their game…

I have no clue what kind of people Flare want to attract exactly?

in a way they cannot attract just kid between 6 and 15 years old. No credit card no money, So no money for flare

in a way they cannot attract people with huge life and busy at their jobs. No time to play RR2

in a way they cannot attract just people with no life. Just represent a minority of maybe 1 or 2% in the game

So I have no clue what RR2 its design for? what kind of people? because RR2 demand to play it like close 24/7 since the Conquest with 4.0

for the first time since a play a video game since 90’s. I cannot see what target person RR2 try to attract. Normally when you play a video game you see it what the developer have try to take the target but in RR2 no clue

3 things we know so far since the 1st Conquest :

1.Nobody like it ( the majority)

2.Nobody want to play it (the majority)

3.Nobody have time to play it (the majority)

whatever the change Flare will do the result will be always the same. this 3 points its the weakness of the Conquest. I think nothing will change this. Its the concept himself the problem. so if you give us Conquest again and again and again. Nothing will change and I think people will hate it more. So give us a Conquest in 20 days its just too much

I can add one more weakness of this Conquest Mode. Its not for casual gamers. I means in this Conquest we have met a alliance same after 2 conquest they still don’t know how Conquest work. They have build tower in a line. like 6 or 7 towers side by side. they scored just 35 points

I can add too much others weakness Conquest have like worst Matchmaking and the fact this mode will ruin some low and medium alliance. Tempting to say Conquest is a Killer of Low and Medium alliance.Look this poor green alliance. Attacked by us yellow and by the blue one. The fact they don’t know how to build correctly Watchtower made them waste stone. If they have do some research. How much alliance gold they have lost for nothing

I think after this Conquest end. I guess people will have a lots to talk about Conquest.


Even in real life,i sleep much better??

Members that join mid conquest, can’t see the map, but can see when the next conquest starts, which is in 20 days

This would be the 2nd conquest within a month. Way too much. Looks like they want it to be every 3 weeks. First week ninja, second week war and third weak conquest. Then it repeats

We have an alliance that build tower 2 tile away from windmil and some tower with 19h cd when conquest is 17h till end. ? ? ? 

Actually,i want war to happen 2 weeks after conquest.Need to have break from this.

And here you are,giving the next best thing in 20 days

dnt like? Dnt play.


If you don’t like this post,don’t read it and don’t comment about it.

Lol, it’s a forum, that’s what it’s supposed to be used for. Nobody is forcing you to read it! For Flare it’s the cost of doing business. 

uhh, no

we’ll complain until they fix this.

“don’t like? don’t play” haha, you’re funny

For flare all those complainers are nothing. Free players who even dnt play but make posts

“free players don’t matter” just because we don’t pay money directly to flare, it doesn’t mean they gain nothing from us

they get plenty of money via ad revenue and it’s probably one of their main sources of profit

what you think would happen if free players left? flare will have nothing but dust on their hands

of course, it’s hard to picture that right now because people still have reasons to play this game (mostly because of their friends), but let’s just see how long that’ll last if flare continues to ignore us

???when people actually have to pay to win. Too funny

Even? 99 and 44/100ths of your comments are you complaining about complaining.

If you don’t like, don’t read.

Free players will never left.

flare ignore you from the start( and its absolutly right, this forum is prove that- ecerytime is 1/2 vote for changes and 1/2 against).