Next event? Let's do a riddle!

Hi everyone

I want to do a riddle. What kind of event Flare will launch after war?

These are my options because i think there are many:

-Blacksmith event

-Granny event

-Granny event

-Blacksmith event

-Blacksmith event

-Blacksmith event

-Granny event

-Blacksmith event

-Blacksmith event

-Blacksmith event

As you see,there are many options. No doubt about it. I’m sure Flare will make the right decision  :wink:


I honestly hope for a defense upgrade event.

I highly hope for a defence event as dena said

Hope so.  :slightly_frowning_face:

yeh flare defense event plz its bein a while no more crazy granny or blacksmith event they should be last on your list. defense to defend on defensive tower game ?

Always unhelpful events. All about pearls or spending gems. Hope they give us a defense event. 

The order in which they are due is: Offense, Castle, Defense. I’d like to have them exactly in that order :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said before, no matter what event we have next, there is someone that will start a thread saying that event is a RIPOFF !

I want the offence event

Someone asked on FB this :" Wonderful another blacksmith event…what about a castle,offense,or defense event…its been awhile and it seems like the same events over and over…blacksmith,alliance tower and friend voucher"

And Flare response was : “Hello, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten the events you mentioned. In fact, one of them might be our next one.

So have your worker ready. Plan ahead.

I did plan ahead and i will have my workers AND wizard tower and troop academy ready :wink:


Lol, this made me laugh !!!


I’m also waiting for defense event but we will probably get voucher event or something like that :slight_smile:




Then I’ll prepare by ofensive and defensive stuff if an event like that comes. I won’t spend gold after my actual upgrades finish.

they need to announce the event earlier than they do now it would be good to no on last day ov war so then we all can prepare instead of people missing out on events cus builder are busy


IDEA run the event longer 7 days would be good to see I don’t mind delaying war for a GOOD !!! event and then everyone has a chance to utilize the event ?

I dont want a defense event. Everyone will upgrade everything at the same time, use a three day gold shield and gold literally will be 0.

Events are always the same. And Flare always gives us unhelpful events concerning spending money. Why not also a waves event? It would be useful for everyone. 

The main problem is that we find out about the event with only 1 day advantage. I want a defense event and can keep 2 or 3 workers free around the time the next event is going to appear, if I know it’s not a defense event then I put them to work, fairly easy. A wave event, spell event or troop event would be very useful and cool too, the only problem is that maybe 30% of us would benefit from it if we are lucky,  as most of us is upgrading spells, troops and waves constantly, it’s hard to wait and postpone such important upgrades and hope for an event. How many times we had spell/troop event ? I think only once, maybe twice. Defense event ? 3,4,?  Blasksmith, granny and alliance party ? 8 times each ? I would like to a wave or spell event but I know there are 99% of chances I won’t benefit from it. I agree during defense event there won’t be gold around and you would be lucky to make 2 or 3 upgrades but I actually prefer this and benefit from it a little bit than have a useless event.

Voucher event!!! its my favorite

I vote for Alliance Party , who is with me?