Next event please

Since you guys listened to our wishes and revealed next event when one ended. 

Can you please tell us the next one now?



Why not ?


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully it’s a “Here’s lots of gems because we f*cked up with War Boost” event.


why alli party is not kicked… ??

Because there s no reason to party…

more patience, please.
Patience: the most boring form of desperation

It will be a short event from 23:59…

To 00:00 ?



and the next one?


After the war…

Nope, In middle of war according to official post 

War starts 12 august cet, event starts 19 august cet… middle of the war : so you think the war is gonna take 14 days ?

well i do recall… in the past you claimed you could access events  24 hours  before the official date and all other players also

I advice you  should follow calculus lessons at Ed…  Don t forget to bring some cheese along…  :rolleyes:

Event was originally announced as starting on the 16th, has since been rectified :stuck_out_tongue:

So the lesson is… You shouldn t believe everything flare announces, should believe Micky…  :stuck_out_tongue: