Next Event

Hello please

Can give to me the blacksmith event or I angry Ok thanks 


Happy day !!

Offense boost! :stuck_out_tongue:

But Blacksmith is ok for me, too :slight_smile:

I got a lot of workers waiting in case of a boost your defense kinda event.

the upcoming event will take place in our alliance tower :wink:

There will be an official announcement later today :slight_smile:

tower is cheaper…boy we need to up those towers…mine is maxed…wish i could help my clan…id buy gems so that they get gem chests…but last time they did not get their gem chests…flare said too bad so sad …we lied you cried…so whats a leader supposed to do…i guess ill pray…that clan survives…xtra donations dont always increase like flare claims also…answer from flare too bad soo sad…hmmmmmmm

So another alliance party? we had one few weeks ago. But it seems like it always comes in the perfect time for me last time I upgraded to150k now it will be 250k soon :wink:

I think you need my chocolates more than aether. If i send you and your alli members some chocolates, how many gems will fg charged you for that?

I am planning everything how to get gems to upgrade my AT from 150k to 500k. I hope aether announce the result of the quiz soon and I hope I may win something there :slightly_frowning_face:

you think im a b—h but ive been playing for a while and flare has shortchanged me about 4 times…im tired of buying a product and not getting it…and they refuse to compensate…oh they are sorry for my inconvenience.ha

That’s the least wanted event for me. After Upgrade 2.0 i need to spend gems on the blacksmith. And an additional 3200 gems for the alliance tower is way too much at the moment …

was hoping to have a larger event and decreased defensive build times… This event doesn’t help people who already have maxed tower. ?

I’m upset I’ve held off upgrading skull towers in hopes of something along those lines. I would be happy if they just included more pearls for spending gems. I’ve already burned through the 30k pearls I got last time LOL


You’re only communicating your pain just like other players in this forum, and i can see what fg did to you. If your voice of brokenheart make you a b***h, i dunno what you’ll be calling Edward…

And i think it’s fg that turn us all into a b***h  :wink:

Stop the playing the game if it pains you so much. Instead of filling the forum with useless posts, take a break and maybe come back. You might enjoy the game more when you do. Or don’t come back at all if it suits you.

We can’t, just like you, gypsy (and i, but i guess mine would be way less than yours or gypsy’s) already invest quite much in the game. So the only way to lessen the pain is by ranting here since fg won’t do anything about it. 

Is that what happening to you? Now you enjoy the game more after your short break and cute goodbye speech back then? 

Money comes and goes. You make it, you spend it, you move on. If the money you’ve spent is what keeps you here, then you’re wasting your time, especially if you hate the game and its developers as much as your comments would suggest.

Yes, I enjoy the game again after my “cute” goodbye speech. And since you’ve taken the time to reply to me, I would ask again what your ign name is. I like to know who it is I am speaking to.

Yes, money comes and goes. But the implications stays, especially when you wanted to use that to help your members like gypsy did. Won’t you be angry too if say, you wanna buy a smartphone but only given the battery, or the charger? 

Good to know that another one top player still enjoy the game greatly. It made me worry (for fg) reading your cute speech in this forum back then. My ign is exactly like my id, then i lost it, and  i don’t bother contacting fg, since it just comes and goes like you said.

Many top players enjoy the game. I am not an oddity in that regard. The only reason you may not know it is because the people that have so many complaints to file are the ones with the loudest voices. Unlike me, the many top players enjoying the game don’t see a reason to use the forum, as it is a cesspool of negativity.

Can any other high level player beside you and vester vouch for this statement? We can see that apoc and 70% top player in another thread was/is really unhappy. Another question would be, was that  a honest enjoy-statement or more like, “ok, there’s nothing i or my friends can do about it, and i can’t quit since i don’t want to disappoint my alli friends and i also already spent quite much in this game. So now i will make my peace with it and just go with whatever fg give me”. 

And about the negativity, weren’t those negativity that help VL and NA rise now? Without it, no war system change, sk/apoc/rl/nato will continue their monopoly of the top map and no alli other than them will be able to reach 100 fiefdoms.