Next Event

Just seen the official announcement of tomorrow’s ‘boost your defence’ event.

How come they have changed the start date to one day after war?

Is this to confuse us even more?


I had my workers all ready to finish upgrades in time for next event just in case they were needed, now I have to rethink my plans.


Also how long is it running for? 

@Aether When does this event end ? And also, why is it starting 24 hours after the wars ? Thanks !

Date edited, my mistake, and it should end on monday :slight_smile:

Wow, lightning fast answer ! Thanks !

Thank you Aether, you had a lot of people confused there :wink:  

I still didn’t get it? Is the event gonna start tomorrow or not? O.o

Nope, it’ll start friday

till FRIDAY :slightly_frowning_face:

Looks like going forward, we are going to get 2 days heads up on event instead of usual one day.  Which is good.


Hope the trend continues.  Though one week heads up is ideal. 

yes it should 

Do we get a hint today for the next event @Aether? :grinning:

exactly :slight_smile: probably already you know what’s going on

Please give to me event the blacksmith! Already spent 30k pearls since last one!

R U a live ?!


Voucher Event please !

Who ever would have wanted something like this

ME !!!


Cool, boost your castle. That will take my last two farms to max :slight_smile: I might even start a tavern :open_mouth:

I will get my Blacksmith to the max and upgrade some farms. Nice ! I have four worker ending their work today or early tomorrow.