Next event

hello all,

really??? Again alliance tower in sale??? Come on flare… The alliance towers are ever present in more others last event… Mmm i not like it ! (again and again) ? ?

Events not only for u and for me.

events also for low ppls,also new.

so its good event i think)

hi Cromka1,

sure, i think ever in global, but… This alliance tower is very present in all event…

the events is for all players, for me and you too! :rolleyes:

Always alliance tower almost never blacksmith :/ 

I think it’s important to do a mix of good events for all groups of players. blacksmith is important for everyone young or old royal revolters!

If it always will be bs event it wil be sucks)

all going good,event by event)

Of course if they give always blacksmith event can’t like for all, but there difference between always and almost never!

Again a Alliance Party? Blacksmith Event don’t exist anymore or what? we want a Blacksmith Event. The last time we get a Blacksmith evetn was in Community Event in October 7th or around. Near 2 month we don’t have that. We need pearls come on

After the ninja event please

+1 ??

All is good, events come in certain cyckle. Some may appear more often, some less often. We cannot always have what we want and we all don’t want the same thing. Those who have max AT may not care about such event but let’s think about all those players who still struggle to collect gems for such expensive AT upgrades, overall they will help your alliances if members upgrade their AT so in a long term be happy such events appear often.

Sure mag, we all agree on that, all think this way, but you will agree with me in saying that: there are many events in which you can upgrade your AT … This game is a mix of small players, medium players and great players, you have to please everyone, you put the alliance tower and many other questionable events, would be something pleasant place blacksmith event now, I repeat, everyone likes! Small, medium and great players!


I do agree with you on that. Personally, I could get blacksmith event each time if it was all about my personal choice. But it is not and that’s fine too. Personally I’ve taken so much advnatage of all of these events, through AT, blacksmith, defense, offense. I benefited thanks to those events. Now, I just care about  blacksmith event and getting as many pearls as possible, but  it is just me. I’m cool with other events, there was the time I took benefit of them so I’m cool with others taking benefit of them as well.  Look for exmaple at Voucher event, we got it really few times cause most of us can agree that  it wasn’t any useful event at all, and it doesn’t appear too often either. Blacksmith event will return, I’m sure.

Of course, I still use many of the events in progress, :slight_smile: I just hope bs will soon return, that’s all!



We don’t say we don’t like others events. Very nice to have these events but the problem is that the pearls is the main feature in this game without pearls everyone stuck and cannot advance in the game. if your spells cannot be forged or your units you are stuck. Ok you can beat some weaker base but its not fun. The main goal in this game it is upgrade your stuffs and forge them to allow you to go in highter leaderboard. Without pearls you cannot do anything

The problem we encounter here is that Flaregames give us the same events 2 or 3 times in a row. How many time we have Boost your offense,defense and Alliance Party,etc…

Ok its cool low player can upgrade their Alliance tower nice for them, ok its cool everyone can upgrade their defense or building at low cost. And?

If Flare give us the Blacksmith event only one time each 2 or 3 month at this speed I gonna continue to play this game for 10 years

some of us have only 3 or 4 slots of melting. You must understand with only that we can only have like 50 pearls each day maybe 100. At +1 forge each week gonna take a eternity to forge my stuffs to advance in the game

If we take each event :

  • Boost your defense and offense : Why so often? Ok I understand at some range the algorithm suck but still they have enough way to gain gold and upgrade your stuffs. No one really need this event

  • Alliance Party : Good for Pay to win player. Free player cannot use this event or there is a trick to gain 2,000 gems or more in just few weeks. I have trouble to get 300 gems in 1 month. With Uber Chest who demand 1 millions of slot place I have no choice to waste them on inventory slot at 500 gems eahc time I up at this number

  • Granny Shop : Really? some people use this? maybe low player but level 90+ its useless

What i means why not give us a event each weekend and in order

By example : November 26th and 27th Boost your offense, next weekend Boost your defense,next weekend Blacksmith Event,next weekend Alliance party and so on… After restart the event next weekend Boost your offense,next weekend boost your defense…etc…

The majority of online game like Aura Kingdom give event each weekend like X2 XP,etc…

in that way you are fair for everyone. Not give us a event each 12 days or something like that




:wink: i quote you Warriornator!

The event lasts ONLY 24h, so please inform us immediately after the previous one, lest us get ready :slight_smile:

If you look in Official Announcement the majority of time. The event are announced 1 week before that it starts. I think you have enough time to be prepared

not ever!

next event start 2 days after ninja event, and for now we not know it… If next event is boost your offence or boost your castle, we must to know it first for have free workers!

Exactly what i said you have enough time to be prepared. I give example maybe can help you to understand my point :

If I take Alliance Party announced July 19th and start only 1 week after July 26th. If I take the Alliance Party we got right now announced November 25th started 1 week after December 1st,etc…

You must know there is a special event after the War Season. If you have upgrade at 8 days or more you must make them free at the moment you read the announcement on the forum or facebook page

The special event are sheduled always at the same moment since 2 years. Announced I think its 3 days after the War Season

You can look too Facebook page to know the next special event and information about the game

Now you know :slight_smile: make your worker free after the next War Season to profite of the next special Event.


We don’t have special events for 2 years, and they not always been scheduled at the same moment, lols.


iISire, I’m pretty sure we will find out about next event on Monday.