Next feature you want to see ?

Many thread already appeared for the same feature. So we need a poll to see what is the most important for us, in order to help developper to see the real value of each suggestion/improvment. Sorry for anwser that which is not listed, feel free to create a new thread to explain that.


I have voted but I wish a world chat vote was included if you don’t have a chatty alliance then world chat is a good way to get over that because it’s hard to have a chatty alliance when you have just 10, but also to recruit and pass on information to newer players I really believe this would help game to grow xxx

You’re right, communication with other people beyond alliances is needed too. I edited the poll and add the 8th answer for that. But I guess you can’t change your vote now :confused:

Thanks Parian xxx

event quest and alliance improvements for sure.

See I need me some battle logs so I can critique my defense…and alliance events. Line App is sufficient enough that chat isn’t an immediate need :stuck_out_tongue: