Next fix Gatekeeper

So we have the update, which looks pretty good, and I’d say puts defence firmly back on top once all upgrades have been considered.

I was wondering when the fix will come for bugged Gk’s/etc.  Having recently experienced several times recently a hero and troops being destroyed by Gks doing 1 or 2  hits! (and hero with some phys res) I’m thinking these Perseus Gk’s must be applying 100k damage per second, and to be honest I find this quantity of damage ridiculous when you consider the max health of some troops is barely over 100k. 

So my questions are will there be a cap to Damage per second? And is the reflect/area damage bug sorted out (I’m guessing no)?

These high damage (bugged?) Gk’s make dealing with an upgraded chaos gate in excess of 1 Million health impossible without troops (apart from Herc, maybe Athena).

Pyro invocation barely dents the gate now also ( might want to raise the power of all invocs in line with new lvls :grinning:

They made area damage more rare in the last update, but the bug is still there. Still, that will probably help a little in the meantime. And GKs degrade with heroes on level up. Many are much weaker already. But it will ebb and flow.

Invos are improved by potency, something to think about. The potency boost will help with that. They’re also improved by ascension level.

@Madlen you said that gatekeepers will be nerfed with a client update.

Please give us an ETA those gatekeeper just kill everything.


My guess is mid-March. 

Hi guys,

I understand that this is an annoying issue. Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA at this point. Once I have, I will definitely let you know.

Sorry to have no better news I can share.

I have moved this to the bugs section.

With my old thread open (but still very relevant maybe even more so) I’m going to add a little more with recent findings.

Post forge refine update, we can obviously add and enhance certain stats of our gatekeepers, however many of these stats are way too high, I’ll take the main culprits one by one:

  1. Damage Reflection (DR) - so you’re a player attacking a base and you reach the GK who has 62% DR…fairly obvious but anything over 50% DR you are actually causing more damage to yourself than to the target! (who’s attacking who again!!?) ridiculous.  

  2. Health - maybe not the biggest problem but in conjunction with point (1) makes such Gk’s able to kill Hades - (my lvl Hades has <500k health, yet my GK has >600k health) 

  3. Damage - actually now a big can of worms at TL level (I’m not talking about the DR/area damage bug which still occasionally surfaces, saw it a couple of days ago FYI) So with refining area damage and damage perks (which maybe rarer now?)  to weapons and in conjunction with very high attack speeds can kill even heroes with phys resistance in several hits. (I’m not talking about the addition of frostbite, just standard damage).  Problem has been created as you’re taking various stats, double applying % modifiers such as att speed for example then the % att for the GK itself. 

  4. I could talk about Life on hit but to be honest even a cap will force players to increase massively attack speed and thus point (3) will only get worse and the LoH problem will still be present anyway. 

I think that there’s been so many simple easy fixes or tweaks to the gatekeeper even since I’ve been playing  that I think the gatekeeper needs a complete overhaul and start from the ground up to not just eliminate the bugs, but to get ‘fair’ values for all stats. There’s no way tests were done by the devs as to some possible permutations regarding GK damage output for example - or if they did they only used Helen or Cadmus (with shields).

FWIW I’ve found GKs way easier since the upgrade. Nobody is able to keep up on gear upgrades and it shows. 

@dumpsteryour battle records from last 24 hours will show that my Prometeus died approx 3 times vs your GK, and I had around 30% protection + 300k+ health + 100k+ shield, yet still managed to last just 2 hits (and no I’m talking even without activating fire to get damaged back from your reflect).  You know what I’m talking about - yours isnt even the worst, but its pretty bad for non shield heroes - In time all Gk’s in TL at least will be doing the same, and it’s a game breaker.

Yes in general the average Gk is weak due to lvl process, but even so doesn’t stop a a player from creating a uber damage Gk that kills all troops no problems, its another trophy protection measure left open by the devs who haven’t tested refined GK’sproperly.

I think they’re way easier. Don’t know what else to tell you. 

And weren’t you complaining about never seeing me on your map a week ago? 

Absolutely, this is the first you’ve appeared so you must be losing your favour with the devs or something - but my point here is about the unholy amount of damage Gk’s can now do. 

Base got the re-balance towards defence now, but to now face Gk’s that can destroy a whole army and the hero easily, isn’t a good game mechanic - after all we haven’t even got near to maximum defences yet, and to deal with totally out of the ordinary damage output Gk’s is ruining the update IMO


Nerf the gatekeeper guys comon they are the biggest bug olympus rising have now.

Defenses are now way stronger than before due new defense levels and six or more war blessings being active all time .

Fix area damge bug too

Kill Gk whit his onw weapons ? 

I agree!

Maybe of the bugs I guess. I hate face Perseus and he kill my entire army. Be alone and lost the raid. Same this bugs make Conquest a little harder. Specifically with the Mirror Shield. I have do a difficulty 6 yesterday and with Hercule cost me over 10k wisdom to try many times

So hope a new version fix soon who fix all problem in the game right now. Its just annoying all the bugs

PS : Hope its not like the last year where CaptainMorgan have come back like in February after a long long vacation. I don’t think players will like play a broken games for 3 month