Next ninja event starts in 24h, can we have a list of change please ?

Now that the next ninja event starts in less than 24h, can we have a preview and informations about changes made (if they were any). 

Yes definitely.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

The information will be communicated with the live server update which will happen later this morning.  :grinning:

Good perfect remember always in the last minute, is the key of the success lol

So the morning is over and there was a maintenance break.

Can we get the info now please?

Here you go.

If that’s the only change I’m disappointed.

 Flare and their ninjas have a way of doing that to people :wink:

Cant believe they start this event again with all these unhappy players not getting rewarded after first event. 


I seriously hope for the players (not me, don’t have time for waiting for next island to come available during a weekend) that the crashes are gone.

Good luck players who compete, I wish you all the best. Let the rewards be with you.

Two weeks of feedback, and that’s the only change? Pathetic.

They created more expectation than this. I wanted more changes. The cooldown thing is something at least, but I was hoping for better and more good news.

And are there any details of reduced cooldowns between the islands or do we have to wait and discover it by ourselves?

Thanks to another topic, we know the previous cooldowns between the islands. Every next island the cooldown was increased by 5 minutes. If for example cooldown per island would increase by only 3 minutes, that would make a lot of difference, it would take us only 60% waiting time in comparison with waiting time during the last ninja event.

Now we have to guess what it means and I think players want to be aware what to expect.



I expect the cooldown to be reduced a bit, but not by much. 

Also, if you have one crash, you can kiss first place goodbye once again . You loose about 15 place for each crashes. The rewards drop significantly after the 10th place One tiny crashe and you are screwed… 

They are still working on crashes and DC.Other changes need more observation during event I guess, maybe 2-3 more event.Took them 2 months to change war system for the first time.

As Fii said: you can’t expect groundbreaking changes in such a short time. The cooldown is a start, we’ll see, if it’s a good one :grinning:

Conclusion for all windows players and others, that experienced crashes during the first event:
Don’t spend any single gem. Don’t compete! Don’t expect to reach the last island. Participate casually, expect nothing! That’s the
only way for you to save your mental health :grinning:  If you against all odds still spend gems and try to reach 1st place: be mad at yourself
and don’t complain afterwards, when you experienced crashes and lost all rewards.

For all others, that know they won’t have crashes (that includes me, never had the infamous CoF crash): let the games begin :wink:

gotta love the way thet continue b4 known problems r fixed…they r still working on stuff but we should go ahead and lose meanwhile




Play without spending gems and keep Ur sanity and enjoy what ever rewards u get.   Else. The frustration will be very very high