Next Trivia should be about RR2 Bugs

B´cause it is fun, players and devs can learn something and it is RR2 related!

What more could we want? :lol: :lol: :lol:

P.S. Winner should be able to choose which bug gets fixed…

Damn, why didn’t I have that idea? :wink:

Feel free to host it :wink:

Oh, yes, please @Heroesflorian! :sunglasses:

You are one of the few people here with all the experience and wisdom™ to do this.
Also you are one of the few who can bring such a complex matter to a correct finish …err complete it correctly, aah …correct it accordingly… Damn! :wink:

Uh, not sure I am up to that task, after all I am not trivia master @KKStar :wink:

So, we should ask trivia master @KKStar. He should know if you are up to this task.  :grinning:


I’ll finally reply. :wink:

Well, I am very glad you support Flo!  :rolleyes:

He should be trivia host with a maximum of 2000 words for the questions. But I am willing to negotiate a bit on that number.  :wink:

Maybe @KKStar can supervise while @Heroesflorian uses this chance to become a trivia master himself?