Nice alliance with theese boosts :)

Hello guys,
I am looking for a nice and active alliance with theese 3 boosts permanently active: Blaze Knight, Shock Ogre and Tough Barricade
My ingame name is Cyberking9
I am lvl 81, have about 3200 trophies and can donate 75k (collecting gems to upgrade to 100K)

Would be glad for any offerings :grinning:

 It’s going to be hard for you to get all 3 with a 75k Alliance tower. Get it to 250k or 500k and you can take your pick.

You are always welcome to Predators.  We have Blazing Knights and Tough Barricades as permanent boosts. Ogres, Cannons are activated during war seasons. We always have one or more war boosts. But you must upgrade to minimum of 100k donations as soon as possible after joining the alliance.

We are seeking for active and fun members who love to share ideas and opinions. If you feel you are one, send me a friend invite. My IGN: King Evil Bert

I will send you alliance invitation as soon as the war season has ended. We need to remove non-participants in war season after the season has ended. That will make a space for you.

Would be glad to join you :grinning:

My tower is already upgrading to 100k (20h remaining) ^^

I am also gathering gems for the 150k upgrade


Great lakes alliance provides knights 6/6, archers 3/3, barricades 2/2, and storm cannons 24/7.  Plus war time boosts.  IGN same as here.  Check us out.