Nice question about froster ice dragon

If my froster get damage prek, does more attack damage let him spown ice dragon faster?

Does the houl of the wolf that give him more attack power, let him spown ice dragon faster too?


Howl will boost it’s speed to summon dragon, but damage perk won’t spawn dragon faster, it just adds more damage. I think :wink:

I gotta say this IS a nice question 

The damage added is so low that it’s irrelevant. Wolf howl helps because they become harder to kill nd attack speed is increased.

nobody answer him? hope he finding the answer. better later then never

Damage perk just up his damage nothing more

If you want to fill fast the bar to summon Ice Dragon the best its summon like 20 Froster or more and protect them if you can

More they attack more the bar up fast and allow you to summon 3 Ice Dragon each raid