Night Of Royals looking for recruitment

Hello everyone!!! So far, I created a new alliance today called “Night of Royals” and I am looking for recruitment. 

I been playing this game for awhile and I am here to find Kings or Queens who are trustworthy and as well ambitious. I need people who are willing to fight every single day. Especially in alliance wars and after the alliance wars.

Also, I am looking for people to donate as much as they can or desire mostly every since day and to be active.



  1. Must be active mostly every single day. If you are you busy with work or school, I will understand.

  2. Remember to donate as much as you can. Even if you donated 1k.

  3. Must be active in alliance war as well, but if you can’t participate in wars, just tell me or any other generals if there will be any generals in the beginning of the new alliance.

  4. We talk about strategies of alliance wars. We can talk about anything else beside strategies as well.

  5. Finally, no being rude or being cursing at each other. I will not tolerate that and you will be removed from the alliance immediately. 

The first few or couple people who joins my alliance will be promoted.

Come on people… I need more people in my alliance!!!