nija help

hi, first ninja event, finished the dreadnaught…but stuck at 31/32…went back threw…all are 3 crowned…anyone have help plz?

@Picker There’s total 30 islands on Ninja event and you have 32 chance for finishing it. There’s 2 spare chance you can use. You can even finish all of the islands with only 30 chance and your information will state “30/32”. If you already finish all the island and all of them have 3 crown result, you will rank 1st and that’s it. You can use the remaining time to do the other things like normal raid or league. You’ll get your rewards after Ninja event ended. Congrats for 1st place on your 1st event! ?

awesome tyvm…finished with 31/32 not perfect but close…the other 2 are same…but ty again for quick response!!

and ty for the congrats!!!