Ninja Allaince Uber Chest-are they worth?

Hi all- wanted to know if the Ninja Alliance Reward UBER CHESTS are worth it or not?

I believe the 1500 gems offers are a complete waste, however, the ninja ship (10,20,30) are still good.

Of course, all uber products are good in terms of melting, I am talking in terms of usefulness as a gear.


Sure, why not ? They might have a good gear in it, same as a bad gear in it. You never know. 

Yup, but generally as compared to the 1500 gems offer the ninja uber chests are better.


To me they are better because they are free :wink:

In terms of gear or number of uber items in one chests it is hard to tell. You most of the time find not best gear in them, doesn’t matter what kind of chest it is.  



If those uber chests are good, maybe we will prepare to upgrade the alliance to the required level to get an uber chest.


Which level do you need to win the first Uberchest as group reward?

The Info does not seem to be in the Wiki…

Level 41

Typo? It shows level 41. still thanks for the link. Something worth to think about. Our team has level 38, but we can afford to upgrade it. Within a few weeks we can upgrade the alliance to level 41 if we want to.

Thanks for correcting. :slight_smile:  

I’d support this :wink:

It seems ok. You get 4 free sets.

could be unique/ or better items but more of meltable items.


With all Uber Chest i got from since they are in the game. If I look all my video I have do on Uber Chest. At 90% of time I got awesome uber items during Ninja Event. The Daily Uber rarely and I don’t know about the one during War Season because you need like 20% skulls perk or more

If there is useful gear? Here I put some screenshot of stuff you found during Ninja Event. i don’t put all but give you a big idea how amazing stuff you can found

to answer your question about Ninja Alliance Uber I don’t know. Just Uber in general can give you wonderful unique items

What I look its you have huge chance to get Ring. I have like 10 ring in my inventory. Head and Shoulder enough easy to get wonderful one. Armor seem rare I got only 1 awesome armor. Weapon enough easy to found. I don’t found any gauntlet at this moment after maybe 20 Uber Chest from the beginning. Belt are enough rare too I don’t get anyone too and boots its ok 

I guess all depend of luck :grinning:

Finally…what Opelle Suggested in one of the forums…Yeti Mayhem.

Check out