Ninja Apocalypse is coming!

Dear Kings & Queens,

Today terrifying news reached your kingdom: a Ninja Apocalypse is coming!

Who are they? What do they want? What are their powers?

Let your imagination flow and share your creativity with us!

Event:  you can choose one of the following, or do all if you wish!

  • Write a short background story based on what you can imagine from the trailer
  • Describe the powers of the Ninjas, and explain what could be their goal
  • Draw/illustrate the powers of the Ninjas and the Villain


  • Deadline is Sunday 14th August at 23:59 (UTC+2)
  • Only one participation per person (possibility to answer to the 3 questions, in one post)
  • Do not forget to post your in-game name


  • Most creative entries x5 : 1500 gems + 1000 pearls
  • Entries matching the most the topic x3 : 2000 gems + 1000 pearls
  • Random entries x5 : 750 gems + 500 pearls

Good luck and prepare your weapons!

will we have to post the answers here?

This is your answer?
hahaha you lost
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Yes :grinning:

The thing I can guess is this the same enemy that killed the king’s father and tried to destroy his empire. But when his son took empire and urged all over the world the very same enemy now wants to destroy him too like they destoyed his father. Maybe they are lead by a very old enemy of king since royal revolt. Maybe in this ninja apocalypse we will need to attack them like we attack dungeons one by one. And they might steal our pearls or gems if they attack us.

The ninjas have a power of the swordrain spell. Their ability to do normal damage or sword damage is too fast and their main task will be to interrupt in battle. The evil villain may summon these ninjas during battle.


The villain will have the portal and the summoning scroll as his main power. He can summons as many ninjas as he can.

 IGN: Shindoo Vodoo


IGN :an1l75



  • Write a short background story based on what you can imagine from the trailer

Its an evil ninja force operated by the dark lord, who wants to conquer the whole world. The only thing these drawf ninja’s know is to obey their dark lord. Will he succeed or not we will have to play the updated RR2.

  • Describe the powers of the Ninjas, and explain what could be their goal

They will have strike abilities (normal damage) and could be similar to the good knights in morale. Their only goal to conquer the whole world for their dark Lord.

  • Draw/illustrate the powers of the Ninjas and the Villain
  • they will have powers to do normal attack, probably the dark lord will have special ability with some spell attack.

Ign : Subhra Jeet             


The evil ninja forces consists of the ninjas who are being leaded by the villain. This is the same villain that killed the prince’s father and now after hearing that the prince has build his army and happily enlarging his kingdom , he came back with his powerful ninja army to defeat the prince , when he remember the curse that the prince’s father has given him that his son will one day take revenge for his fathers death.During that time the prince somehow managed to escape but the villain took away the baby princess , the kings daughter , and put him in bars. 

Now the mini ninjas will often raid the prince’s territory and all that the king can rely on is his defences to protect his kingdom. The prince will meanwhile prepare his army for defeating the villain’s generals one by one and finally reaching the villain.The villain will have a special ability of teleporting his ninjas , their only weakness being poison.But the prince will finally conquer the villain taking his fathers revenge.Thus unlocking and adding the new troop NINJA in his arsenal and a special spell named TELEPORT to teleport his army during raids.Also captures and adds the new Villain DARK in his army.


Ninjas goal : They kill the troops and king. They cannot destroy towers.


Ninja power

: multiple weapons of sword, knifes , sticks … which adds normal damage . favourite target troops.

special ability : can jump back forth between parallel paths.

Weakness : poison , fire , blunt.

Morale :1



Villain’s power 

: normal damage + Teleport power to teleport his army

Special ability : Teleport to teleport himself or his armies

Weakness : poison , fire, blunt.

Morale : 15

IGN: KK Star

Write a short background story based on what you can imagine from the trailer

The ninjas are coming; the ninjas are coming & above them all is their master. The evil removed by the king & queen is back to haunt the residents of the royal castle. He seeks revenge. This time, he has smartened up. Trained his followers - the ninjas to destroy the castle gate & rule the kingdom. He has a troop academy 10x that of ours.  The King slayers are coming.

Describe the powers of the Ninjas, and explain what could be their goal

Revenge & Throw us out of the game . Ninjas are faster than wolves & have an extremely high IQ (opposite of ogres). They might look small but they pack a punch.

Draw/illustrate the powers of the Ninjas and the Villain

I already spoke about the troop academy, he hasn’t revealed the wizard tower because he has secret potions and spells to make victory certain. The Villain can use stun & even unleash black magic to create an invincible army. Last but not the least - Teleportation. A ninja here, a ninja there, a ninja everywhere.

Have u see warcraft movie its like That the ninjas is come to our kingdom to take over our kingdom with portal from another world but in this case diferent ninjas want to take over or destroy our kingdom with surprise attack from the portal hope our king will survive 

Igd: dellaskingdom1

im very excited after watching this video, it’s so cute, haha, and then i saw this event, ok i will answer 3 questions

  • About the story based on the trailer and its name (ninja apocalypse), there is a big man with a mask who living in a castle and owning a big army of tiny ninja, he is the main villian i guess. And seem like he has a problem with me because of some reasons (maybe i stole something from him, or maybe just because he hates me lol) so he decide to send many good ninjas to my castle throught a magical gate created by his power. And now my mission is protect myself and my kingdom from the attack of that ninja army, and their boss, kick them back to their home forever.
  • So what is the power of ninja, as we can see in the trailer, they are strong and fast, but stupid a bit, and their boss, the man with mask, is evil, strong, and has magic. I think i will fight with them in new type maps. In those maps i will start my fight in a gate of my castle instead of the tent in normal maps, there will be full of ninjas with many different power like frost ninjas who have frost damage, fire ninjas with fire damage, earth ninjas who can hire under the ground and abuse you, and maybe air ninjas, lighting ninjas, … try to kill me and destroy my gate, and after every ninja waves, i will meet the magic gate where ninjas appear and fight the final boss (mask man) with all type of damage ( same like  doom gate boost but stronger and more deadly), and after protect my kingdom and kick my enemies back, the man with mask will drop something for me, maybe uber items, gold, or something new…
  •  The power of ninjas and the villian
    Ninjas: lower HP because they are small, but 50% (maybe more) resistance with all type of damage, high damage, many type of damage like frost, lighting, fire…, high speed, 3.5 (faster than gargoyle but slower than werewolf), have 25% avoid all type of damage coming (harder to kill)
    Villian: yes, the mask man, he strong and he is the boss, so i think his HP must high, around 500k is enough hard to kill, he can cast all spells of game like toxic cloud, firestorm, swordrain,…etc, yes, all spell.
    Finally, if there will not just a map, if there are many level of map, the hard will increase more, and the reward will alse higher
  •  Thank for your reading, My ign: healthysmile


I am pretty sure it will be something like dungeons.

IGN:. Valentino123

Short story:. 

The evil ninja master have taken over all other kingdoms and is looking to spread his evil rule.  He uses his teleporting ability to send his ninjas to our kingdom. We are the last line of defense.  Every day as our king wakes up,. There will be a daily ninja battle like a daily quest.   The difficulty of fights will be linked to king level.   If we defeat the ninjas then we get a daily reward.   If we loose we loose some gold as well.   There is a minimum requirement to start the daily battle.  For eg we need some gold in the chamber before we can challenge the ninjas.  If we defeat the ninjas for 30 days in a row, we will then fight the evil master for a uber chest.   

Power of ninjas:

They are amazing weapon masters.  They will have normal or blunt damage based on the weapon they choose.   Each day when we fight them , they come equipped with different shields. Hence in our daily battle we need to change our strategy based on the ninjas adapt their powers.   


story: You get them as unit after spending 2 years and a day in RR2.

The power of ninjas would be to empty your wallet if you want to upgrade them with gems. The villain power would be to stealing money from alliance account if all members do not participate in alliance war. He would take around 100k per player.

I do not know how to draw…

ign: buuks

Hello royal revolters! My IGN is: il Sire.

• Write a story short background on the basis of what you might guess from the trailer;
• Describe the powers of the Ninjas, and explain what could be their goal;

With this trailer we see the beginning of the story, the masked man is the one who killed our king! The prince and the princess, once back in their kingdom, they had to rebuild everything, thus creating a new great kingdom. The masked man aims to conquer the world, to do what must once again have to deal with us in the meantime we have written our history … but our desire for revenge is too big! so will not be easy to face us … It moves through its ninjas, sends them to plunder our lands, if they can take away the gems, gold and pearls, all to weaken us and then face us … I believe that through a those portals used by ninja, we will be able to find the masked man confront and bring serenity in our kingdom!

• Draw / illustrated the Ninja powers and the bad;

ninjas are the equivalent of our units, so there will be knights, archers, knights, pyromancers etc.etc … face them will not be easy because it will be one against all, we can only use our abilities and spells, (the troops can not follow us through the portal), we will find the bad masked man who is able to cast spells and put us in extreme difficulty …

IGN: smiles! :slight_smile:


Once upon a time, ninjas lived all alone on their little island. Life was peaceful; they were trained not only to become masters of battle but also as masters of themselves - their bodies, their minds, their spirits. But it wasn’t to last. One of the ninjas (who was in truth one of your evil uncles from Royal Revolt!) saw that what could be used for good could also be used for evil - what was meant for spiritual enlightenment could also be used to enslave the innocents. This ninja convinced the rest of the peaceful ninjas that this was what they were really training for - not for spiritual perfection but for world domination. “After all,” he said, “what use is power without domination? If you have something, use it to gain more. Why else are we given a chance to live but to use what we have to the maximum?” 

And so the ninjas set out on a rampage of world domination, crushing every kingdom in their path. Today, they have knocked upon your gate. What will you do? Fight, or surrender?

PS: will add pictures at some future point; haven’t drawn them yet

PPS: picture is only a 10 minute rough draft :slightly_frowning_face:  I don’t have enough time to work on it, but its concept should be clear enough, I hope

These range from thieves

Ign : bazdar

ninjas were trained up for taking revenge against all kingdoms they were trained by the evil ling who want to conquer all the kingdoms… Once their training were completed…the evil king ordered to ninjas to attack all kingdoms…so they are here to conquer…and their power is they are well trained to jump over traps and blocks and it not killed by single arblaster or knigt .it is powerful against monsters and its morale is 7 could be perfect …


I think they should be deployed as a tower like placement and randomly appear when charged between attacks and only killable when they appear. they locations would be invisible to attackers. the duration could be short and a limited morale kill. weakness piercing froster mancer. this would be a stealth attack on following  troops and only attack the king when alone.

offensive they could appear behind defending forces on a appear disappear time frame til dead.  ghosting of ninjas would show there existence to owner

That ninja is a new FG secret task force, born as an active anti-cheats engine agent (wth realy?! finally! FG should’ve provided it long time ago)
They work quietly on background, taking more smartphone’s memory so players will get more lags (enjoy!)
They’ll start investigating all from OP kings to newbies.
Detecting cheat engine, illegal gems purchase, viettel bugs exploit, tapjoy exploits; and logging all players activities.
Then data’s sent to server then processed by A.I code name: ’ Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan '… watching too many anime
Just kidding, FG never makes or has such A.I feature 
Don’t worry dear cheaters, you’re all still safe… forever… FG loves you! 

Those ninjas are enemies and they have usual ninja abilities. About their leader, I think he’s the Lord of Darkness full of magical powers with which he can do bothering stuff for the king. They came to the kingdom to become a new obstacle on raiding or maybe even a new game mode with missions that you can complete.