Ninja Apocalypse?

Does anybody know anymore info on the Ninja Apocalypse?

When it releases?

When we get more info?

Probably during this week we’ll get more info from facebook, but the update surely won’t come this week i guess though. So assuming that we get nothing this week probably something betwee 15 to 21 or directly end of August =/

i want to know why are ninjas coming and what are they going to do to my kingdom ?

I feel like the Ninjas are going to f#ck up our castles!  It shows them spawning right in the castles!

Hopefully, at least we’ll get to rebuild with cooler graphics than before!  :slight_smile:

We must pay 500 gems weekly to close the gate that spawns ninjas if not we will lose 30% of our pearls,  gold and gems every 10 hours maybe 

This is the best guess till now, relaying on the past experience with flares.

I think they will come to destroy our castle and looting gold 

But at the time we can defend ourselves by king/queen

Maybe some sort of daily quest? Defending our castle against the ninjas

i will murder they