Ninja boss fight

It’ll be nice to be able to finally fight the Ninja boss.


How about a super long and tough base like a “boss fight”. It’ll be so long that there’s no way one person can finish it. So when a king dies or ran out of time, the next teammate will continue the path. The tent will start from where the king dies or ran out of time.


The Ninja boss has the ability to disable the use of scrolls and revive. The only way to defeat it is to have proper teamwork. The boss’s difficulty and reward scales according to alliance level.


This event can run simultaneously on the weekend with whatever ongoing event. It won’t add any burden to players as one can only do ONE raid per player. Once he loses, he can’t do another raid. His teammates will have to pick up from where he left off. Of course, that means only one player can do the boss raid at a time.

Excellent idea @LacunaC.


I have others ideas about this :

  • The ninja boss himself designates his opponent among the players of the alliance (no possible trategy, suspens ++).

  • The player will have to accept the fight in a given time. If the time is up, the player is “eliminated” and the ninja boss designates another opponent (delay to be agreed 30 min / 1h / 2h / 3h / … depending on the number of players in the alliance).

  • When the player accept the fight, he is “directly transported” at the tent (and no on the matchmaking = no hints on troops/towers/others…on the way).

  • A progress bar is available (visible alliance) to see where the player is fighting.

  • A countdown with the number of past players, and remaining to fight.


BOSS Specials powers :

  • Disable scrolls (completely, partially, none).

  • Change the order / Disable troops/spells to destabilize.

I don’t think the “accept the fight in a given time” will work with all of us having different time zone. That will be a disaster. I think as long as only ONE player can do the raid at a time, it should be fine. A progress bar for the entire alliance to keep track would be nice though.

Oh yes, I had not thought about the world time zone … Indeed it could be a brake for alliances…

After, to put a limit to this raid, it could be possible to do it in 24h for example, and so that each player can play when he can … in the remaining time. However, I found that when the boss designated the player, it held better the suspense that each player goes.


(sorry for my bad English but I use google traduction )


Of course it’s fun even if he appears in the last stage

How about a distance attack that boss throws furniture ?

He hasn’t almond eyes.