Ninja defensive waves

@FTB hi florian, does no of ninja defensive waves change with alliance tower level or the number of waves remains same for everybody?


What exactly you r asking?

The number of ninjas spawned are determined as per the number of ninjas you won in the most recently concluded ninja event. On the other hand, the frequency of these ninja waves are determined by the alliance tower level :slight_smile:

I am asking the number of times ninja waves will come out to attack the king.

It depends upon the level of your alliance tower, higher than alliance tower, higher the frequency/number of ninja waves. Not sure about the number as I haven’t paid great attention, with max AT it is 3-4 times I think.

Ninja waves in defense depends also on path length

Dang man, was about to say that lol

Yep, Opelle is right. When it comes to having ninja’s in your base, it depends on the path length. I think they come out 5 times with 31 path length, perhaps 6