Ninja difficulty

So, this last Ninja battle the last levels seemed way harder than normal. Other people in my alliance noticed this too. I am used to getting 6000 pearls, but could only manage 3000 this time which really sucked. But the worse part is we lost two LONG TIME players (over level 100) who not only left our alliance, BUT LEFT THE GAME ENTIRELY, one of who said the game angers him too much. After years of playing, you have managed to anger someone enough to leave your game. Not good guys! 

If these levels are going to stay difficult, then another change is needed. I still got 3000 pearls whether completing the last level or not. That’s dumb. The level of prizes should be spread out more so that each tower and each level defeated contributes little by little in smaller increments. Not have all the rewards clustered at the top. Same 3000 pearl reward whether I completed last level or not? Come on. That makes no sense. Getting to to the end and breaking the gate should have made a difference, but it didn’t change a thing! This needs to be fixed. 

To not win your ninja league means one of two things: Either you are in a tier that is too high for you, or you are just not the best at attacking

I guess you really didn’t read my post properly. Neither are true since MULTIPLE PEOPLE experienced the same thing. And none of us had a problem before. This one was abruptly more difficult than previous for everyone in my alliance. I’m sure we aren’t unique. 

i usually play in 5300 tier, and i can say that its hard than usual, but dpending of the combo that you use. but you can have 100% because flare give you two tries more, so its fine for me.

Only thing I noticed is that ninjas keep dashing longer and yes, that’s annoying, since they only stop when you completely lost your shield. But why you expect to win every season? I think that’s incorrect point of view.

Why a game makes them angry you better wonder? Because their hero dies and they can’t make it 100%? A game is for fun, no more no less. Only moment I deeply sigh is during war season when one after the other attempt to find skulls inside chests fails and a lot of gems are literally taken from my amount. but in the end I decide to spend those gems, nobody forces me to do so.

When you want to win ninja layer every time, you need to play a couple of layers lower. That rewards also are lower, you have to accept. So either play in higher layers and risk not to do 100% every level or play lower. Do you think intention is to give away number one spot for every ninja event, just by participating? You know the answer yourself. That sometimes a ninja event is some harder is fine with me, that means that players need to play a tier lower when they can’t win. 

Here’s what I do. I adjust my spells, pal plus troops when I play ninja event. first 19 levels I do with either XP gear or farm gear. Since not a lot of xp is to be earned at 3500 layer, (I could play higher, but this one I can win 100% every time) I most times use farm gear. Beware… At this layer no higher troops like viking, necromancer and also no basilisk. When those would be there, I would pick hammer spell instead of sonic blast.

Spells I use are sonic, shield plus firestorm, troops are pyro, knights and frenzies/arbs/mummy.  When we have draco boost, I summon three of them max, since I want to prevent that a dragon appears. First 19 levels are pretty simple. Then I switch to combat gear, not because levels are too hard, but to make sure I definitely beat the level with ease. I use sonic ring and triple speed in there.