Ninja Emergency

Kings and Queens!

Seems like the Villain’s power has taken over our Kingdom… We managed to boost our defences and sealed the Portal to avoid further damage. Unfortunately that means the Ninja Apocalypse event has to be rescheduled. 

The current counter of 34 days is the default time, the event will be rescheduled again prior this time.

Please excuse the inconvenience.

We will keep you updated.

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team


Due to an increase in traffic, our forums went down as well. 

Regarding the Ninja event, we are working in the issue to reschedule the event early next week. 

Please excuse the troubles and thank you for your patience. 

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team 

Kings & Queens, 

It seems like we are encountering issue and you might not be able to connect to the game. 

Our team is investigating the issue and we will keep you updated. 

Please excuse the inconvenience. 

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team


The issue seems to currently be fixed.

We will keep you updated later today.

Sorry for the troubles.

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team