Ninja Event: Aftershock Anarchy

Last time there was a ninja event, I was in a small Alliance and the only one doing it. I got to 7/12

This time I am still going and am currently at 18/25 (a few Alliance mates are at the 30 mark)

There is a big ship called the Dreadnought; is that the final challenge? Never having gotten so far before

and as this is my 2nd Ninja Apocalypse I do not know if there is an end game fight against the Ninja Master.

(by the way this is from a History of Royal Revolt 2; man this guy is hilarious!)


The 30th isle/ship is the final challenge. Dreadnought is the last

ya was kinda disappointing…just nothing…huh…

There’s a world of untouched potential in ninja events but that would require finishing what they started. Final boss at the final ship (lesser bosses on earlier ones), thematic coherency (either make it ninja themed or replace ninjas with pirates, pirate themed ninjas are wth), treasure, proper difficulty… Right now it’s an event you run/bear through to get pearls, not to have a fun event.

But at least we have one, I almost forgot how these even work in the years since last time. /exaggeration for comedic/sarcastic purposes

OK Ty 1 and all for responding, maybe I might make it to the final challenge, I will have to see.

I do know that what I think is really helping me with this event, is how well my Alliance did at the last Alliance War

because I am currently using 2 War Boosted units in this Ninja event, and as stated the very first one I ever did

I only had a 7/12 run, this time I am 18/25 and am still going.

Anyhow the animation of the Ninja Boss is still quite amusing. :wink:  

I need some advice, I am at 29/32 the next thing is the dreadnought

one of my islands is only 2 crowns not 3, all the rest are complete 3 crown victories;

do I, go the the dreadnought and then after winning there, go back and redo that island?

or do I redo that island before I do the Dreadnought; or do I just leave it with 2 crowns?

never having gotten so far in an event I am not sure how to proceed, lucky I still have a good half days time left.

I reached the Dreadnought! I defeated the Dreadnought! 30/32

Yes I could have just gone to You Tube and searched for the video,

but actually getting there and getting the end event cinematic link

in the actual event made it totally worth while.

LOL small things amuse small minds,

(I have a very small mind TY FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE for making my 1st end game event memorable!

Brute Ninja’s are awesome!

so my first big event win playing Royal Revolt 2

I had a lot of fun, I got to see the cool video; and got some great swag.

Soon the PRO League: Hellfire Cup ends (more swag)

and my first Conquest event is coming soon. :wink:  

Aftershock Anarchy Rank 1.jpg

Maybe its a bit late, but congrats man. :slight_smile: