Ninja event again and again

I think this event become boring.

really easy,really even u dnt need be perked and have good skill.

u need 1!! Combo at all 30 islands.

and u will beat for sure if u be careful( really not problem and near 1 minute left in each islands)

what i think,like an idea:

whats if Flare make calculate about all spending spell and revive during event and minus them from totall result.

like if u used revive(1000 coins) ur score will be not 420000 but 419000.

same with instas,same with other spells.

and for 420000-will be really cool prize.

like +5% scull in next war? Or smthing like this)


cool event,but too easy,thats way its not interesting and annoying with that towers

That should be in an extreme tier, 5900+ have option to go extreme, or just stay in the top tier.  :wink:  20 uber chest and 15k pearl reward for extreme… :wink:  

We need challenge,im boring now and think a lot of top too.

We dnt need ubers,10000 k pearls is nothing and may be ninja for defence.

need another prize,for extra tier)