Ninja event and cooldown (you know most of us hates it) will it be changed?

So after the first ninja event has been done there’s two things most of us agree on,  based on forum posts.

  1. The game stability needs a serious fix

  2. The cooldown system during the event don’t add up with normal people lives. As we gotta sleep and study/work.

Sure someone manages good for you but we can’t all go to the toilet every 2 hours or wake up every 2 hours.

Aether said it would be possible to do without speeding up and it is but then we gotta be total time slaves and the total cooldown time for all islands was 48 hours or so as someone calculated.

And it is indeed optional if you wanna do this event or not. But shouldn’t this be a nice event that most people should be able to enjoy? The event is a great opportunity for the players who doesn’t spend as much or play for free to get a little closer to the top.

If you don’t complete all islands you are basicly screwed back to a horrible placing with little to no reward since the majority (if the stability gets fixed) will max ninja coins and get 1st.

Is this being looked into or will you just ignore the players on this?  

I would like to know what changes are being planned and what will be implemented in the next event. Don’t keep the players in dark like you did by misleading players in the first event. The community can provide feedback before being implemented. If you screw one more time, the forums are gonna be hell. That’s for sure.

I feel that they’ll give it at least 2-3 more event before removing cooldown.Its always like that, just gotta keep complaining lol

Sounds difficult that they will remove cooldown i guess they will reduce it just a bit and then claim that they done the job lol

Cooldown won’t be removed for sure, at most they’ll change the system a bit.


There will be more detailed info about it closer to the next NInja event, but the cooldown will go through some changes. :grinning: