Ninja event broken imo



I find this really a bad idea you have to get 100% on every map instead of just beat it - the event is down to luck / spending gems, and even then, getting only a 99% on one of the islands make you land at 30th place because 29 other guys marked 1st spot - then if I get 99% on one island, why even bother to beat the next? If this is not changed to be anywhere near balanced I’m actually considering to abandon the game - it’s already far beyond boring phase for me (and I think for many other players). I’m wondering if I’m in the minority with this opinion?

nope the clan is angry says they wont play ninjas again


This is stupid we sould agree to do one island and get the first place all of us.

But it will never be.

We need comuty event again for all the anger they give us.

ok bye, bye



Hello to all!

i think these events ninja or zombie, are very helpful for those who spend little money in the game (or noathing), in fact, investing some gem you have the opportunity to earn good rewards.

I’ve heard that it’s boring, easy or a lottery, well no one forces you to play with them and spend gems so definitely make use as you like, for me it is a good opportunity that offers us the flare!


But you can get lots of gold, and have all the workers busy.

So maybe you don’t get the pearls, chests and so, but you can still use the event.

You have to be patient with this game. Tell me a game that isn’t boring after some time.

At least here you can decide what you want to do. I can keep my defenses tight and gain trophies, or make a trap and win gems or whatever comes to your mind. The same implies to events. You can open chests with gems or not or play only for the gold and uber chests. 

This is not a charity game, people do actually live by it. So it’s obvious that the money element will be in it. How much …is another question.

It was more boring (in your words) when this event was not a team game, now at least even if you don’t win, you can contribute to the alliance.




It’s a good deal to get pearls. With the chance to get most of the gems spent through chests.


It’s a risk. You have to be sure that you are able to get all the towers. After lvl25, choose spells and units correctly, and you can do it. Choose unwisely, you are screwed. So there is skill involved, it’s not just luck.


Also, there is a chance to drop to lower tier and play with luck equipment. This way, it’s almost 100% that you are first.


For example, with my luck equipment, I have only missed 3 of 29 battles now.

Total gem cost: 45

reward: 7 gold chests (almost certainly more than 45 gems there).



But, I have to say: I think CoF is fixed in ninja. it’s not random chance. 26/29 success rate is 90%. And i have only 10% luck perk. What i was doing, is always using 1 gem to speed up short waiting times (when it drops to 1:30, it’s 1 gem). Maybe this plays role.

Not everyone can be a winner always. You do have choices:

  • enjoy 30th place with 3 ninjas + 3 uber chests + 5-6 other chest + 1500 gems. This is still a good deal

  • or use a lot of gems and try to get first.

  • use gems and still manage not to come 1st. Then it is not the game’s fault - you need to better your skills.

  • play at a lower tier (loose trophies before the event)


The ninja/zombie event is currently the best events in this game - by far better than the war event. If you do not like the event - the best advise I can give is to change your mindset and learn to enjoy game even when your skills is not good enough to be a winner. And if you want to leave because you are a bad looser - just do it - leave - do not advertise it. 

Another bad looser

True, a game with enormous possibilities.

Just hope they (FG) does also make the war as exciting as the event, maybe by giving a team reward at the end of the war? A gold reward to go into the alliance treasury.



I think the real problem was the event was presented as a personal challenge.

Ie. The ‘ninja boss’ will see if ‘you’ are worthy.

The problem is is that the rewards are not keyed to a performance level as stated in the event specs.

So 23 first place winners destroys 2nd 3rd place rewards and all subsequent places.

So the end result is you are worthy of a much better reward but you get screwed by flare trying to play players against each other.

Honestly people gem at whatever level they can, falsely representing the facts or intent of an event is inappropriate.

The biggest problem with this game is that flare has more fun screwing with their customers than the customers do in game?

Its sad the game has many fun bits but the constant manipulation and twisting of outcomes just destroys any strategy.

There are two options… buy it or meh be happy with the leftovers.

The funny thing is many paying customers get bit all the time from the leftovers mentality yet they support the game financially?

Flare bite the bullet and do a paid version.

My suggestion is a monthy subscription say at monthly gems cost for all players and be done with it. That’s $36 a year per player and well inline with paid games outright cost but you would have a ongoing income stream beyond initial sale and a more affordable entry point.

Only then will you have a game with rules that are fair… and one that can be enjoyed by all .

I’m sure the developers would rather focus on cool fun features than manipulative road blocks intended to annoy users enough to part with cash.

I decided not to gem. in the event. I only missed 2 towers (because my intra canons decided to go for the gate and not the towers) and yes I did not open 6 chests and end up at no 69.  Even though I decided not to gem, I did wait 30 seconds and used 1 gem to get past this 1:30min cooldown period.  I think what make people mad is when they used a lot of gems and still not manage to get 1st place. 

The question to answer is “why are the rules of the event the way they are”?

Here is my opinion to this situation:

  1. The game is part of the casino roulette type games - where you role the dice - and where luck plays a big part. There is always the option to get better luck (or to remove the luck element) when you pay money. This will never change.

  2. One solution to this casino roulette part of the game is to ignore it and  not to use any gems in any of the events. But as I have shown - there were ±67 out of 100 in my league that used gems. I think it is save to say that at least 70-90% of people use gems. People just can not say “no” to not gemming - its in their nature. I have introduced this game to 15 of my friends and they all fell for the easy gem. option. The problem is that once you go down that rabbit hole - there is no coming back - and the game let them all feel like looser’s in the end. The best solution for them was to stop playing and then to delete the game - and they all feel happy about it (because they have solved their gambling problem). Only 2 others are still playing and then only during war time.

  3. Other players tried many other things to get past the casino problem part - to the point of cheating. This was allowed for a long time until it really got out of control and Flare had to do something - or loose all their income to cheaters.  The problem was - that so many people was cheating that there was a real risk of the whole game falling apart. 

  4. The solution was to introduce another event - fast - where everyone has a “change to win” the AI (or so called villain and no longer fight each other) but still make it feel like we compete against each other. This was done to give Flare time to shut down the cheaters and cheating alliances without the whole system collapsing. About everything about the ninja event was improved (except for the luck part) to make us like the event more than the war system. The alliance participation was added to make it a team effort. The aim was to shift our focus away from the war system and to the realization that players and alliances are being shut down.

  5. The problem for me is that with this focus to remove the cheaters - the paying and loyal players are not getting a good deal. It is so simple to do a quick fix for the war system - just give better rewards - like in the ninja event. And please let the leaders see a players profile before he join an alliance. 

  6. In spite of our opinions and viewpoints - the biggest challenge remains to keep enjoying the good parts of the game - and to ignore the bad parts.

Yeah oilfire you make some good points…

Those friends of yours will never play something from flare again … I see this time and again.

don’t get me wrong … theres a lot to like but these games are strategy games and the second you undermine that well its not anymore.

Sure have a framework that goes above the possible for gem play but leave the rewards in place for regular players.

I have finished 3 events with basically the same score and due to the screwed up methods a different reward for each.

I am not really interested in justifying their supposed reasons. I am pointing out the disparity in the system that undermines the play field even more than pay2win
Ultimately, they need to fix it so a score in ninja get the same reward regardless of event or group. There is little point to saying compete when the rewards are helter skelter.

I know a lot here try to marginalize the short coming and I would suggest you stop. You are adding nothing to the issues. If its a problem then it just is.

I am sure flare can make up their own excuses…

Oh your other points…

I have said before take ninja coin levels and apply to attacked person in war … so their coin doesn’t matter.

And triple the chests at minimum.but you are right the war system is horribly broken.

Ninja event … collect peoples trophies during war and use that as their ninja compete level. Or. Even a average if needed.

Theres a lot they can do to limit the cheating in the game.

Wars honestly may require a new format to fix it. We all know when you hit that fiefdom limit its just lose as the only real option.

So how do you fix it so each wars a new opportunity? Maybe a bounty and booty divided spoils of war would provide a ongoing reason for all wars.