ninja event crap

flare stop irritating players with this crap event, i am in a low league . and i was in same last ninja event , this event got a whole lot harder to beat now …

stop playing with the setings leave it as it is . higher level say its too easy and this level i too hard so did you switch around this crap or what , cause its just a fucking waste of gems ,

and on the record you keep failing this game over and over again… stop playing get serious and make players happy instead of irritated all the time , start reading forums and listen to players for once…

but hey why bother this game is dead within half a year anyway.


you don’t have to play it :slight_smile:

Eventually I feel like the event has gotten better, I think it’s a good event, it’s fun for some of us, if you don’t like it, don’t play it :slight_smile:  


thank you