Ninja event Crashed!

On 25th island game crashed!


windows phone Lumia 525

Earned only 25 coins

2nd time game crashed on 28th island near gate!


You can always transfer your account into a pc/laptop with Windows 10 or into a younger smartphone with Android or IOS.

Very funny solution.To buy new phone.I just wonder why other players complaining about crashing. Myphone is working fine and is only serving to play royal other other games on device and it was running perfectly.

So the problem is not with the phone,game started to crash before last alliance war.

Did you upgrade to newest release of Windows? If so, then it’s flare attempting to access your geolocation. In previous release of Windows this was allowed, but now not any longer.

For me on Tablet in the first 5 minutes after connecting to the game, the game totally freezes for 20-30 seconds. During that time Microsoft is storing a minidump. Everything else works normal, only rr2 freezes. When I do nothing, the game continues, but when I raid I risk a game crash. So my workaround now is to wait for the freeze and only after that I do my raids.

Annoying? Yes. But still better than risk a crash during a raid. That can be costly, not scoring 100% during ninja or lose a raid during war season. 

I have a freeze in almost every attack. Everything stops but after 3-5 seconds it’s back to normal. Really weird

Yes, not 3 -5 seconds, but rather 1 second here, but I’m experiencing the same issue.

Happened to me on Android today.  File a support ticket.  They won’t respond here.