ninja event crush suggestion.

Game crush before the battle start in ninja event, can flare make it like the war battle where zero % progress does not count? It will help ease the pain of after spending gems in ninja event but spoil by bad game crash. 


Ideally flare can make the game more stable!!


I keep hearing about crashing so it must be happening, but I’ve never seen it!

Same here, not a single crash since the update.

No crash here, too, and never the one before CoF.
Maybe because i use Bluestacks? High RAM and
“internal” memory, no SD card (i believe, but not

I had two crashes during ninja event… until now since I have no finished my 30 attacks. But I will never get to the end not for failing attacks but just because after two second of battle game closed up twice on different fields…

Let’s hope next events will be better… fortunately I did not spent gems on this event and will not until I’m sure that the problem is fixed.