Ninja event difficulty change please explain

So concidering the latest announcement.

Does it mean that lower tiers becomes even easier and higher tiers even harder than the last event we had? 

It (probably) means 6 gate towers on every level, one of each weakness type, so lightning, skull, firebolt and bomb towers, all boosted.

Change in difficulty… :lol:

It means redesigning the waves & rearrangement of towers…

Well duh captain  obvious but towards which direction? 

I am just kidding now. Maybe they surprise us with boosted towers near the tent :wink: , so that all spells need to be used to survive and prevent that the tent is destroyed. Players not alert will lose their raid instantly. With spells in cooldown, the first wave of monsters arrives with more morale than we possibly can add to a wave. Instead of reaching the gate, the goal will be to survive the first half minute.

Now serious. I hope to see more interesting levels, not a lot with LT, snakes, FB near the gate. Gives us a group of islands based on themes, like slowdown (frost trap, frozen spires, frost towers, frosters), fire (firebolt, pyro), poison (mortars, snake), damage (skull, power archer), range (boosted bomb, sniper cannon) and so on. Be creative is the keyword.

As a hero I would love to be tested to use different combos of spells and troops. It must just be impossible for any player to win with just the same combo of spells and troops on an island group. So I would expect bases where a certain spell plus troop is even prohibited to use. For example, come with an island group where defense is based on ice, and prohibit use of firestorm plus pyro for example. Or a base with a lot of snake towers and where protection is not allowed. Spells like shield, heal, plus monks and arbs (frenzies) are prohibited.

Then only the skilled players will be able to pass and most players will somewhere find their nemesis sooner or later.

At the top, multiple war boosts would be combined to make a really hard defense to crack.

Imagine a defense

Towers: Accursed Tower, Stargazer Tower, Basilisk Bomber, Burst+Range Bomber, Uber+Tempest Tower, Gargoyle Nests, Poison+Eagle+Healer Tower, Frozen Spires.

Obstacles: Frost+Panicpunch Trap, Cursed Cenotaph, Tough Barricade.

Troops: Blessing+Raging Wolf, Super Ranger+Tribal+Power Archer, Mad+Mini Monk, Frenzy Frost+Uber Arblaster, Drago+ThaBoss, Draco+Farflame, Insta-Goyles, Storm+Sniper Cannons, Mortar War Boosts.

It would put the skills & forges to the test.

If that’s is happening I will definitely play this event. After all I need to get a real test.