ninja event dreadnought

why i cant fight the last lvl “dreadnought” when the time cooldown already finish?

I think cause your boat is too small

Because you probably already completed all your fights

I have the same problem. How can you already have used up all your fights? I never fought an island twice, I had all the plus two extra battles so I don’t get it.

I have the same problem. I cant fight any more. See the print please. 

I’m having the same issue…I completed all 29 other battles and when I got to the dreadnought, it won’t let me battle…flare- please resolve this!



This happens because you fought on the same level more than one time.

In order to finish the event, you can only fight once per level.

Whats problem for u- write rules?

Is it really hard?

better time to time answer this questions?

It is written here:

Oh man… thanks só much.

That really bites, I only fought the times I only got two crowns.  I think I would be in a higher spot had I known this beforehand.