Ninja event gems used but level 30 not accessible

Hi, i want my gems turn back, i used gems for fast access to Last level in ninja event, but is red and not accessible. I spend gems,but don’t take any advantage. My account its zesser007, please check this problem. 



Well you cannot battle this one because for the Ninja Apocalypse one player can have max 30 battles…Once those 30 numbers are done you are done for this Ninja Apocalypse…!!  

But i battle only 29.the Last ore is not accessible. 

Look screenshot :

It says 30/30 in the screenshot, which means you already did your 30 battles.
Maybe you got a disconnect and repeated one island?

Ma combatto da solo 29.the Ultima minerale non ê accessibile.

Guardate screenshot:

but one can see from the screenshot that I have not can sees 0 of 7050 points .I think even a donut was able to take if I had played , as all other battles I 've always done 3 crowns .

Well the game has calculated that you have played 30 games already, but if you insist on being played 29, then got to say a game bug, but that bug chance is least possible, maybe you got disconnected in between 1-29 levels as the previous person said, or maybe you tried 1level twice to get a better score… maybe you lost once tried 2nd time and won…!!

No, ho sempre vinto, però ricordo che una volta si è disconnesso quando ho iniziato la battaglia. 

Grazie. Sicuramente è li il problema, ma io non ho colpa per improvvisa disconnessione. Mio Xperia m2 non mi ha dato mai problemi con rr2.Non mi doveva far spendere gemme promettendo un’altra partita, e poi non l’ho potuta giocare.

Even I’m facing the same issue. I counted all my island and ship raids and the cpunt is 29. The last ship dreadnaught is supposed to be 30th one but it is showing that I already battled 30/30. This is definitely a bug and needs attention. I’m second in my ninja league because of this. If I could play the last ship too, then definitely I would be first. Poor testing of the event. Thumbs down to flare…?

It’s very bad for FG to allow users to use gems to skip to the next island to realize they can’t play anymore levels. Ask me how I know this…

Yes it is very bad for FG. And how you know this dadidmaximus?

I have the same problem and do not repeat any previous level bat i need acces in the Corazzata


Finaly im happy, flaregames not solved the problem but give one uber cest for free and give a gift gems. For my this post is solved. 

Im received the reply :



Isabel Salcedo  (Flaregames)

Aug 31, 8:35 PM CEST

Hello Francotoscanoprachkouski,

Thank you for your report.

As you are well aware, we have unfortunately experienced some issues over the course of the latest Ninja Event.

As a token of our appreciation for you patience and understanding, we have decided to credit all participants with a special reward at the end of the event. 
It consists of a bonus Uber Chest and Gems, enabling players to purchase up to two additional ninjas or anything else they might wish to spend them on.

Based on reports and feedback we have received, we will continue to work on improving the event for all players.

We would also like to express our sincerest apologies for any problems you encountered.

Kind regards