Ninja event Hard levels

Why flare making 25 to 30 ninja islands so hard … ur putting all boosts and healing wolf sniper cannons froster tower boost… how we will win this Fucking hard levels developers we spend lots of gems . every island u put fire bolt towers around the gate and Long paths … COF coins also one of shit plz change ninja event rules 

This isn’t the Ninja Give-Away.  

You get what you earn.

Yes crashes suck, and the scoring system is off, but if the Dev’s read a post and all it sounds like is some one whining about how much they suck at playing the game, they won’t change anything.

Like anything in this game if you want to get 1st you have to spend gems.  In this case you have the choice if you want to spend less gems you can drop to a lower tier. 

Yes I’m spending 500 gems but it’s useless now… Fuck they put towers around gate it’s really sucks F****

Ohh cmon now. Stop complaining about the difficulty level. If you missed a tower accidentally it’s understandable but if you could not destroy those towers because all your troops hovered near the gate or because you didn’t have enough time, you are not a good raider. Drop a tier or two, and practice with all noobs around you. Learn when and how to use different combos. 

Lol not enough time i will maintain time they put 3 tower at gate my cannons and orgs easily distroye gate but i miss tower it’s irritating me … if i go first in gate ninjas kill ed me i have max troops max spells my lvl 102 

I’m not a kiddo player 

If your troops destroy the gate before you can get all the towers then you don’t have proper control over your troops.  

Skill does not mean summon everything without planning ahead.  I avoided using boosted Pros this time so I wouldn’t have to worry about a Dragon taking the Gate out early.  

When you’re raiding use the brain first. Then use ogres in your combo instead of cannons. Ogre are slow so the castle gate is not destroyed fastly. Improve your hero,upgrading your scream %. That is very important.

i have 50% scrscreaming boost 16000 leader ship 

It is already said:

or you are not strong enough

or you haven’t the right skills yet

gems don’t mean you can winn everything, sometimes it is more skills than gems

i dont see a problem with towers near gate, its the same with players having’em during wars, and it always depends on how you control your troops/hero to destroy the towers before the gates

I think the "hard"ness of the levels is about right, move the gate towers into the battlefield though :slight_smile:

?stop talking about skill when AI of the units are on primitive level…


My advice… don’t spend a gem in the event … just have fun play to the end and get you 3 to 4 ninjas.

If you really want the extra 1 or 2 just buy them. So 80 to 160 gems or none. :slight_smile:

Actually the event should be harder still! I’ve beat all levels but after level 10 I missed a tower and stopped using gems to open chests in the COF. My final place was 28, so it sounds right to me. As others posted before me it’s not a ninja giveaway, it’s a contest!And the best man should win!

My problem is with ninja coins in the COF, that is the real problem as skilled players are easily beaten by not so skilled players that win coins by opening all chests with gems!

The COF should be all about diamonds, pearls and gold! The same problem in wars, as we already have skull perks, so that should be enough!

let’s have an event without use of gems :slight_smile:


So no scrolls?

But then theres alliances with boosted everything?

Its a nice idea. I thought a famine war would be nice too.

But we are asking them to turn off the money printing machine…

Thou you could get rid of cof coin and disable troop boosts… and leave scrolls.

once per month, no boosts, no scrolls, no second live. Yes it is maybe a bit less money for flare, but more players would enjoy such a war and perks are alowed, so players will spend money. It is jut another challange for players.

Yeah I think its a good idea but not in the existing events maybe a separate one, 1 to2 days.

Unfortunately wars and ninja event is major spend events for many,

Maybe loading up the CoF with really good rewards would keep the gem spend up at comparable levels.( maybe higher?)

The trick here is to do what you are saying but not wreck the income stream. If you can figure that out then they will listen.


30% chance on getting 50 gems on second chest and 20% of getting 100 gems in last chest :slight_smile: , there: fixed!