Ninja Event Improvement

before having the 4th Ninja Event in 12 day or around. Why not talk about what we like and what we don’t like and what to improve

What I like :

* Music during on 2 of my video I have shut down sound fx to here the music so epic

* Fight something different like Ninja

* Enough challenging

* Allow to improve skill

* Same if you finish 75th you have rewards

* Uber chest for free

What I don’t like

* Maybe miss something to make this event really epic

What to improve?

* For me if each island can have special sub quest to do : by example you are at 1/12 your sub quest in this one is Using toxic Cloud and kill 10 ennemy for extra 50 coins. You reach 25/28 you sub quest for this one is use Sonic Blast and Destroy 6 tower in a row for extra 500 coins and so on for each islands and ship

* Maybe can be cool if at each 10 islands can be have a Boss at the end. you destroy the gate and win 100%. the game send you on a Boss fight you have 3 minutes to kill the Boss who have depending of the tier between 10k and 100k or more

maybe other thing…

Flare don’t have change anything but I can try

What to change for the 6th ninja Event?

Why not change the ninja by pirates? more logic? anyway all the island have the name Rum. You look the island and they have chest and oyu face Ship that sound more logic this way? I guess