Ninja event - Is is time to readjust the top ninja tiers?

No point for it i bet

If i understand right soon we will see choosing tier by gems

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I don’t mind choosing with gems, but if that’s the case, the tiers still need to be adjusted. It’s too hard to get to 5300 at the moment.
Not long ago the top10 had 6000+ trophies. Now the top top10 barely cracks 5500 sometimes.

Good point… I think the tier adjustment is best…
the adhoc level selection I think would allow too much trophy dropping and abuse.

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There’s still a few hours left until the upcoming Ninja Event and the 5300+ club is down to 137 members.

There’s only 5 players above 5400 trophies right now.

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Why its a big problem?
Iknow its a pain but mostly does it matter?

I think you would need to get say a 100 level king and go sit in a lvl 50 alliance for a few months CR1…
what you see higher doesnt represent much other than a bought comfort zone.

Why i need to do it?
If you are in bad alliance and low king- why do you need to get tiers you like?

Its not about having a free pick… its the dump on lower players then the stripping of trophies
This is unbalanced… personally I don’t have a issue but I see this all the time
or just average ppls trophies over the ;last few weeks and that’s their level…
though then the high allies couldn’t be lazy and drop and abuse low players they have no reason to attack? drop low too long and you don’t get your ninja level. (lol the whining would be loud lol)

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But i do not care which tier i will get. Its matter for me only cuz im active
5050 or 4500
Why its matter? Nothing.

Anyway i have no idea why all want to be in top 1 tier
As for me there should be 50 players max;)
Not all who want

2 hours to go and we’re down to 71 players at 5300+.
Not to mention that the vast majority that will actually manage to get into the 5300+ tier spend the last few (2-3-4-5) hours online before the start of the event (some do it legaly, some don’t), making it impossible to attack them for several hours.
I’m sure this is not what you intended.

Come on, Flare. Something needs to be done.

That “something” is to buff defense, and nerf offense. But oh well so many objected to it, so let’s stick to logging in 2-3 hours before event and raid instead, I have no qualms about this too =D

I m against of baff offence(

I don’t think the defense needs a buff. Defense is pretty strong right now if you’re not using a couple things in your raiding combo (mainly Nemesis).

This is the real problem right now:
Currently the only way to get into the 5300+ tier is keeping your king online (most players achieve that thanks to mouse macros and stuff like that… it’s fake online) for several hours before the start of the ninja event. This is done to prevent attacks.

That is what I don’t like about the current state of the 5300 ninja tier.
It’s not about raiding skills.
It’s not about defense strength.
It’s not even about pay to win.
It’s 90% about keeping your king online for several hours before the start. That’s it.

Since this is not what Flare intended for the ninja tiers (I assume) then the system is broken and Flare should do something about it.

For example, at least in the last 24h before the ninja event, everyone should be attackable, no matter if they’re online or not.
Or just readjust the ninja tiers again.

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Players spend gems before ninja event, so flare isn’t going to do anything to hurt their income.

Maybe the other way round might work, 2-3 days before ninja event, all scrolls and gems cost 10 times more and Phoenix token cannot be used. First revive will cost 390 gems. One scroll cost 130 gems. This way, defense get at least a little bit chance to defend against attacks while flare maintain their income.

In addition, players who succeed in defense get way more gems than the measly amount that pales in comparison to the trophies lost.

Go go flare, make gem cost 10 times more for 2 days before ninja event.


Just to add on, the being able to be attacked online wouldn’t solve this. You can go from rank 1 to out of 5300 tier in just 3 minutes if an entire team raids you.

If only one player can raid you at a time, then it’ll be an event where exploiters win. I.e players will fake attack each other and stay in the raid as long as possible. This encourages even more second account exploit than the game already has. No thanks.

So yeah, 10 times gem cost sounds better

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I wasnt online whole day. Wasbt problem to get 5300.
Use :shield:

There is a ninja tier problem i agree
But not big problem, if true.
Mostly its not cost to talk so much about it

Hi Arrebimba,
Thanks for the feedback. I will forward it for consideration to the devs.

I cannot agree more. The current system isn’t fair for those who live on the west coast of America/Canada. It doesn’t matter if you have all defense structure with 60-100 forge and some level 2 rune installed and all boost you can possibly get, and it also doesn’t matter if you consistently rank within top 100, if you live in the west coast of American/Canada, you wake up at 8:00 in the morning and see 100+ attack and now you can only play 5050 level, and sometimes 4700 level, even if you push all the way to 5500 trophies before going to bed.


Not really better in Europe. Event starts at 4pm, so last time to check in is before work. Always a surprise to start the game after work to see where you are. One of the reasons why the average number of trophys in the time between two ninja events would really help. Would also remove the slackers that drop trophys inbetween.

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