Ninja event-is there something wrong?

how can one person has 3263 Cup in the range 2500 to 2999cup.


sorry i dont know how to continute ask so i ask here.

How can one people increas his cup from under 3000 to 3263cup just one day. Is it possible?

Ninja tier is determined on your trophies before the event started. After it has started you can drop/gain trophies and will remain in the same tier.

Simple probably the guy was near 2,990 and enter in 2,500-2,999 tier and during the event you gain trophy and during this event the guy has been attacking and got maybe +20 and some +30 in defense and he have attacked other player to gain trophie,etc… or participating in League at the same time,etc… a lots of way to up the trophies during a Ninja Event

The inverse are the same thing. The player enter at 3,000-3,499 and drop during the ninja event to be under,etc…