Ninja Event Opinion Poll

I feel I wanted an overview of the perception of the people about the ninja event, thus I’ve made a poll to understand the opinions and where ninja event could be improved. :slight_smile:

I think ninja event should be harder on all Tiers, with different base layouts each time it would be great.

Escpecialy the early levels should be a bit harder. I’m on the mind that bigger challenge=more fun :wink:  but also with a touch of higher rewards of course.

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I think we need to make a few changes: 1. Reduce the number of islands … 15 islands, this is what we need … 2. Increase the rewards of the alliance … Add chests of “Guardians” and “Pets”. 3. Increase the number of pearls in rewards … 15k pearls, at 5300+ it’s too small … 4. Make it possible to choose the type of ninjas we will get … Let everyone decide for himself which ninja suits him … 5. If we apply all these changes, we can increase the complexity and increase the number of events … Let the ninja pass more often, it will be more interesting) :v:

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Regarding the first question: am I the only one who noticed that at least some of the last 5 islands have not been the same as the previous event?

Flare is doing some rotation already.

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My current alliance reaches 15-16M ninja coins regularly and it’s only at level 75, while ninja defense is set at 11,5M ninja coins. There is enough space to add boosts to ninjas, zombies and yetis. I also asked to add pro chests among rewards at the end of ninja/zombie/yeti event to players who get maximum score in tier 14 (top tier) or to alliances at level 80.

But war season needs an even greater improvement of rewards (there aren’t guardian chests).

I’ve seen all those islands, and can tell all tower placements just by looking at the map :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey, thanks for the survey KK Star! ? I am looking forward to sharing the results with the devs! Also, I pinned the thread.

I did not receive rewards


Can you guys make it slightly different time with festival, i always lack of bread when both of them available and both require strongest set for fight to get good reward which cant apply farm perk in . 

Agree with @soilwk, as things are now it’s not only hard to do foodwise but also timewise. I’ve complained about this already elsewhere but it’d be much more comfortable if festivals took place during conquest, there’s also the matter of trophy related difficulty that is mismatched - ninja is still too easy while festival is often way too hard, while being in the same tier. Either make ninjas harder, so that players don’t feel obliged to rank higher than they should be (or detach ninja from trophies completely and let players plain choose the difficulty they want - something I’ve suggested ages ago) or make festivals easier.

As for the rest, I’m content enough, I guess. It’s still a fairly quick and simple way to gain some decent gold. If I were to change anything, it’d be making the event thematically coherent - if it’s about ninjas, then make maps ninja/far east themed, none of this pirate ship nonsense, or if the theme is pirates, make the special unit pirates, not ninjas. Or more piratey ninjas, I dunno. At least there’s snow in yeti event maps, can’t y’all make some unique troop/builring skins for the event or something?

Can’t see any survey here, where the hell do I vote and what on? Is it invisible? Was it set to run only for a certain time (silly)?

There’s literally no poll here that I can see :x

This thread was started on April 21st and the poll was created on the old forum.

I seriously doubt that old polls were migrated, since the system behind it is different.

The best option is of course to create a new one.

Yes, unfortunately the polls are not retrievable. Sorry about that, it was a nice poll.

Why is this pinned if there is no poll?

You can unpin any pinned topic, if it bugs you. :rr2advisornod: Scroll to the end of the topic:
It was pinned at the time because it was an interesting topic. It still is, even if the survey is lost. I will unpin it now though. Maybe @KKStar wants to create a new poll, then I think we could close this topic and link to the new poll. But of course that is up to him :slight_smile:.

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I’d need to take a re-look at the rough guide to construct a poll for the new forum, still not very accustomed to the new format. :sweat_smile:

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