Ninja Event: Potential Changes

Hello guys,

To be honest, if flaregames let me down in the first ninja event, I let myself down in the second ninja event. This time it was a bit difficult and a lot trickier with lots of towers near the gate. But since this is a game of skills and the skills have been taken away from the game with offense getting stronger with the recent updates, I feel its time to do some changes where players can see who is the best with their insane raiding skills.

  1. Make the last 3 or 5 islands insanely difficult where it becomes almost impossible for any player in their tier to finish these islands 100%. Even another attempt shouldn’t be enough to perfectly finish these islands. This will bring out a clear leaderboard depending on the number of towers and obstacles they destroyed.
  2. Add 1 or 2 islands more with +2 battles, so that players can use extra attempts when they fail at the top bases.
  3. Remove scrolls from ninja events so that players can use only resurrections.
  4. Make the number of resurrections, a player has used, available on the leaderboard. Just for the fun.  :grinning:

What do you guys think? With these changes players will be forced to spend a lot of gems instead of those scrolls. So flaregames still earn their revenue while we get to have fun and know the best raider depending on how far he could go in these last few islands. For players who cannot spend gems, at least they will know that these guys used gems for resurrection and they couldn’t keep up with them because of this sole reason.

i really liked this idea!

and make cooldown for group of island( between each 5 for example)

for no1, what will you do if lets say 20% of they players drop their tiers to secure 100%? 

sorry not trying to offend anyone, just pure curiosity =X

I agree here, tiers were made to give players another reason to not to drop trophies as some people has always done, adding impossible levels would stop this from working and thus everyone would start dropping trophies to have easier levels to beat the hardest ones and get first place.

Lmao remove scrolls and show revival ? K, glad this idea will be ignored completely

Thanks for the topic Bert! My suggestion? Remove the whole ninja event! IMO this event is just nice to play, not a must play event. But I guess flare will keep this event alive. Your 1st bullet sounds great! It surprised me how many players got a high% score in my tier 4,000-4,499. Or they are well skilled or they were too strong for this tier because they dropped to be in this tier (or I’m not well skilled lol). So IMO making the last 3-5 islands insanely strong will definitely give another view on the leaderboard. And regarding removing scrolls (3rd bullet), I don’t think so buddy. Scrolls are part of Flare’s business model ? Better idea would be a sort of compensation when someone uses scrolls just like in regular raids where you get gems. So for example, subtract ninja coins calculated by the number of scrolls and type of scrolls.

Again, thanks for this topic buddy!

Tower near to gate n COF sucking GEMS these two annoying me…

Please no! The normal player has not much options to get uber chests, and with this event you get some at least every 2 weeks.
I’m talking about the 3 island rewards, not the ranking rewards (those are for paying players obviously).

I was in that tier, too. And there was already one insanely hard island (28th), which i could only beat because i was warned by
alliance members and had the boosted mummy. Next time without boosted mummy i may have no chance. I’m considering to
drop to 3500+ tier (where i didn’t have any problem last time). And that is exactly what will happen, if the islands are too hard:
mass dropping of players …

This makes the use of scrolls useless, because you then won’t get the high rewards. And that is why you scroll in the first place …
There won’t be any penalty for scrolls and revives, given the current business model.

Cannot remove scrolls, see if a player pays to scroll, you cannot remove that comfort zone.

I’m halving my trophies to get guaranteed 1st place because Flare will be making it harder gradually. :wink:

So this is an advice from my end, do not gain trophies before ninja event if you are planning to open all cof, this was the biggest RR2 epic fail for me. Also unlike dungeons, these levels have a lot of unique war boosts like ThaBoss, Eagle Tower, Tribal Archer, etc.

To be honest, if they offered an alternative playing scenario, I would definitely play that alternate version instead.

Keep original ninja quest like now, competitive.

For the alternative scenario I would love to see:

  • No cooldown
  • No prices for how high you end on the leaderboard, I think the gold rewarded for beating islands are more than enough.
  • Only give the reward when you break the gate.
  • When you broke the gate, that level can’t be retried.
  • No need for ninja coins in CoF, so a crash doesn’t matter
  • Make it possible to finish all islands, no matter how often you try or fail.
  • no ninjas as reward.

Why I come up with this scenario? Well… I can’t always watch the clock and connect to the game when a cooldown period almost expired. I also have more important things to do during a weekend than playing a game. And I bet that’s the reason why a lot of members skip to participate. Skipping cooldown period by gems is only an option for a few players. It’s something I would not even consider to do.

For players not skipping cooldown period there is only one scenario which only works when they have nothing else to do. Here worst case scenario

  1. Fight an island (Around 3 minutes pleasure) 
  2. Score still 100%
  • Yes --> Still chance to win a good price.
    • Hope here is no crash before CoF
      • No crash --> Few… I still stand a chance to get first place.
      • Crash --> Any possible chance on a good result just flushed down the drain. No use to spend any gems any more, only reason to continue is those uber chests on certain levels. The remaining possible reward is a handkerchief for the bleeding, no more no less. Spending gems will be wasting cash.
  • Nope --> Any hope on a big reward is already over. Relax and next turn skip step 2, it doesn’t matter any more.  
  1. Check how long cooldown period is --> 100 minutes cooldown worst case (or pay 40 gems for skipping it, if you do, go to step 1)
  2. Disconnect (nothing to do, since all workers busy due to previous event). --> Boring
  3. Watch the clock and connect again a few minutes before cooldown is over.  --> need to wait, only interesting when score still is 100%
  4. See how much gold is robbed (unless a gold shield is used) --> 100 minutes are passed since last fight
  5. Go to  step 1.

Most annoying on this scenario is boringness, introduced by the extreme long cooldown period, only introduced to let some players waste gems.

I want to be able to advance to the next island without an extreme waiting period, since I am playing the game at that exact moment. Step 3 till 6 are a complete waste of time when score is no longer 100%. You could also give us at that moment the option to skip the cooldown periods, even when consequences are that you don’t get a reward. It’s a game, games suppose to be fun and played when it suits players. I don’t want to be a complete weekend at home just for being able to play/finish around 20-30 islands, especially when a crash ruined my chances to get a perfect score. I realize I can skip the cooldown period by wasting gems, but like I said, that option only a few players will chose.

Must keep collective cooldowns like for all Parrot islands, one cooldown, all shark islands one collective cooldown.

A competitive and a casual version of the ninja event seems fine, but it depends on whether you get the island uber chests
in both or only in the competetive one. If only in the competitive one, i’d go with that (but spending no gems). Maybe not
going to the end, but 10 or 20 fights seem ok concerning the cooldown.

Only gold as reward? Sounds like a normal gameplay with island skins on those.  :mellow:

& Without Medals too?

Nope, including gold, medals plus uber chests. This way you still could be forced to scroll to break down a gate in time. For uber chest rewards it’s worth playing those 30 islands already, besides the fun.

I am pretty sure, this will never ever happen. :lol:

Plus it would just kill the competitive factor.

Yes I know and realize that.

Now we are talking, I don’t see any competition in adding a cooldown period, with as only purpose to rip gems/cash out of players their pocket. It’s as simple as that, it has nothing to do with a competitive factor, nothing, nada.

Sure… Players have options not to spend/waste gems and ‘just’ need to wait till cooldown time is over, but once again, it has nothing to do with a competitive factor.

Players with a family/social life and who have a job just have no option and can’t be competitive without spending a bag of gems. Wow… What a competitive factor, excluding a whole group by introducing this. So in fact, only a select group stands a chance, the ones that are either skipping cooldown or the ones wasting a lot of time are the only ones with any chance. That has nothing to do with being competitive, a whole group of players is already excluded to stand the slightest chance.

Also coins in CoF have nothing to do with a competition.

No hard feelings.

One Minute. I think there is some misunderstanding.

I think it includes gold+medals+chests+ninja coins.

I also hate cooldowns. I appreciate Flare reduced it but still, not happy with that system. I keep repeating my suggestion to have a collective cooldown for a particular group of islands like one cooldown for Parrot Islands, other for Shark Islands. That’s better because you can raid for 15 minutes & then switch off. 

My competitive factor is the Ninja Coins not the cooldowns. There was a misunderstanding between us. In fact we share the same views.  ^_^

As far as coins in CoF are concerned, well can’t really help it. That is expected. At least a ninja coin perk was not added. :ph34r:

(It is good that we don’t get League Medals in CoF :lol:)


I also hate the cooldowns. 

I think we indeed are share the same views.

My point is that only players can be called competitive when they are willing to spend gems for skipping cooldown (or be willing to spend their entire weekend to wait for cooldown to be over) plus be willing to spend gems on failures in CoF.

The other group of players has no chance ever to win. They don’t have entire weekend to play at any moment of the day. And I bet this is group is way bigger than the other group.

And what happened? A lot of players got crashes.

Okay, still fair, since the minor group is delivering Flare the cash they need. But the minor group needs to bigger group also to let the game survive. And for this major group the chance is already nihil before the event already starts. The only chance they have is that they are either that lucky that flare completely messes up and that all players who are competitive experience crashes from the start, get angry and give up after three or four crashes in a row on first islands. So that chance is zero.

There is indeed no competition on this. That there is some cooldown, fine. But not like this that players need to spend all Friday evening (I talk from my position now, event starts at 5PM), stand up extreme early on Saturday and Sunday after sleeping less than 6 hours, lost no extra time between cooldown only two times for sleeping. At Sunday evening 8PM without missing a single island still just finished level 27. Monday there are people including me, who need to work and have no time to play. I really wanted to fight all islands, not for being competitive, but just for fun, so I decided to skip the cooldowns, plus to stand a chance for getting the uber chest.

I think only reason why most even won’t try more than 20 islands is this ridiculous cooldown. By indeed making us play a group of islands (5 or so), give a cooldown of one or two hours, then it would still be doable, but now it’s just working on nerves of players who have a private life and other important things to do. That’s why I wanted that cooldown removed. I now already have no chance on a big price, so why take away the fun that a game should deliver. that’s why I wanted an option to skip cooldown, even when it means no price on the leaderboard.

That non competitive players fall further behind, I can live with.

The cool-down period made me play only last 20 islands and next event I don’t think I’ll play more than 10 (One Uber chest).

It’s so boring to wait for a fight to become available… Make fights way more difficult, remove any cooldown! That way you still get the gems from scrolling. And I know that when I stopped, that is the max level I could get…