Ninja event rewards after not playing for a long time

Hi, when the first ninja event had just started I played all I could through some of the island…

So long story short, I temporaly lost my internet connection and I’ve got the issue fixed two days ago and in all that time I just couldn’t play the game, but I definitely played like half the event but when I logged in the ohter day I realized I have not got a single reward whatsoever and I’m just curious,

Did I just lose any chance to win those rewards?? If so, why is the ninja gate still in my city?? I don`t know how the reward system works so I’m just a bit sad I got nothing and I want to know what happened in this last two weeks :confused:

I guess they reset the whole system with each new ninja season.
So your old reward was probably lost when you didn’t get it before
the 2nd season …

Ohh I see… Well, that’s unfortunate.

Thanks for the answer.

Yeah, I think the issue was what Mogor pointed.

I’ll close this topic as the doubt was answered.