Ninja event start times are inherently unfair at 5300+

Ninja event start times are inherently unfair, depending on your international time zone.

The event may start in your time zone while you are at work or are asleep, leaving your base free to attack. Trophies become hard to retain. On the other hand, in another person’s time zone, the event may start conveniently in the evening, giving you plenty of time to gain and retain trophies.

For instance, if you are based in Europe (CEST), the start time would be 5pm local time. If you work full time, or are at school, there’s no sensible way to retain trophies over the course of the day, simply because you cannot log in. The situation is even worse if you are in new Zealand (GMT+12), since the start time would be 3am. On the other hand, for instance, if you’re based in China (GMT +8), the start time would be 11pm. This gives you plenty of time after work or school to gain trophies by playing, and/or retain trophies by staying logged in.

At higher levels (5300+), it’s almost impossible to retain trophies by defense alone; you must keep raiding to gain trophies. I am not aware of a base that is impossible to defeat. So it is clear that, in order to stay in the top tier (5300+) you must play for an hour or two before the ninja start time. However, as noted above, this is almost impossible if you are at work or school.

I’m not saying you can make this fair for everyone (e.g. if you work night shifts, or are going to go out with friends on Friday evening).

However, my point is that for many with 9am-5pm lifestyles, depending on your time zone, it is almost impossible to stay in the top tier. The ninja start times can strongly bias whether you play in the top tier or not.

Since many alliances are united by language, and hence by country and time zone, this in turn favours certain alliances, and disadvantages others.

Please, please, please investigate this. There must be a fairer way to allocate tiers that is not dependent on where you live in the world.

Thank you.

I think like you. Even wars of alliances and other events that start at a designated time, should be late almost reaching the night that most are already in their homes. It would be good to automatically play in each country at the same time. For example, all events starting at 22:00 or 23:00 each in their countries respectively. I do not know if this could be difficult to do, but your proposal would be fine. In the war of alliances it is worse, even though it starts as you say, but every day it ends, it starts 30 minutes before the next round. This means that as you say, depending on which country you are in, you can or can not declare war. Some may say that they work at night, but they are minor statistics, since most of us work during the day and sleep at night. :slight_smile:

In fact, there would be an easy solution to this problem.

First, let’s see why this problem exists. For many players trophies have no value outside of getting in the ninja tier they want to compete in. Few care für the leaderboard, but the majority doesn’t. The only thing they do outside of the start of ninja is increase the alliance gold bonus for attacks. And once you have upgraded everything to max level, you do not have any need for gold. Many drop trophies to either not get attacked or even to hide at a lower level than they should be according to their player level to get attacked and gain some gems from lower level players who think the trophy count reflects the battle power of a player.

An easy solution to stop this behavior would be to not take the number of trophies at the start of ninja to assign the tier the player competes in, but the average trophy count since the start of the last ninja event. That way you can no longer drop your trophies in the time between and use lower level players to park and regain them for a few hours before ninja start. Same should be done for the festivals. It is just ridiculous to see so many players suddenly drop by over 500 trophies so they can play against easier opponents. Just stop this way of cheating.

That way the start time no longer bears a disadvantage for some players as the last hours before ninja start wont help you any longer to reach your desired tier. You have to take care of your trophy count the whole time, not just a few hours.

This would also help the overall matchmaking as players can no longer hide at a lower trophy count and screw up the matchmaking algorithm as the trophy count would reflect the level of the player more precise again.

Edit: just as to prove my point i gained nearly 1000 places on the leaderboard since ninja started. Sorry, but that is no longer fun …

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A very good way to stop parking and indirect cheating

There has been no official response on this.

I am about to go to work, with no chance of being able to log in for the next 8 hours until the start of the ninja event. There’s no way I can defend my trophies by staying logged in, or obtain more by raiding.

Meanwhile some people in certain time zones (e.g. to the east) will have the next 8 hours to play and defend at their leisure and get into the tier they want.

This is manifestly and systematically unfair.

There are several possible reasons why flare takes no action on this. It’s either too hard to fix, they haven’t recognised the problem, or they don’t care.

Being a German company I would have thought their staff players have experienced this themselves. I am prepared to believe this is a problem that is too hard to fix. But a lack of any official response at all makes me think that they don’t care, and I hope that isn’t the case.

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I think the only way to fix this is to make the leaderboard/ trophy system a true leaderboard system.

For example, trophies can only be gain or lost using Matchmaker. During matchmaking, one cannot use revive or scroll.

Players can still attack outside of Matchmaker, but will only gain XP, gold and medal, but not trophy.

If this is implemented, then the leaderboard will have a better reflection on a player’s ranking. Thus, giving more meaning to the leaderboard, and giving more chance for players to defend their trophies during events like Ninja event.


Hi Fuzzylogic,
I do care :wink: and so do the devs. I have forwarded this topic once you opened it, but you are right its not an easy issue to address.
I think we have already announced in the past that we currently cannot have regional servers/different starting times in different time zones. I understand that this is frustrating for some time zones.

I had also forwarded the idea made by Eyja.

If something changes in the future about this topic, I will make sure to let the community know.
Thanks for reaching out to us.
Best, Madlen

Thank you, Madlen, for your response. I do appreciate the great work you and your team do behind the scenes, and also appreciate some issues are some harder to deal with than others.

All the best😗

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