Ninja Event "The Cobra Clan Invasion' Gold reward issue

Hi Team,

Ninja Event "The Cobra Clan Invasion event and completed 3 battles with 3 crown but It is not updating Gold amount based on my gold boosts This has been going from last 3 to 4 Ninja events. further I see same amount of gold on each King Tier (A, B, C or D). I only See food section getting varied but not gold. Can you please confirm if it’s a bug and if yes do fix this at earliest and compansate the gold.

My Game Name\ID: King Hi10
OS- Andriod
Device - Galaxy S8

REQUEST #144674 has been submitted but no response yet.

Hi HitenG,
Sorry to hear you are encountering trouble.
We are looking into it.

Hello again,
I checked with the devs and this is intended behavior. Therefore, this is no bug. The Gold Perk should only work for regular battles not for Ninja battles.

This is happening on Regular Battles as well. I see only food cost difference but not gold.
Very disappointed that you marked as No Bug but I dont get proper justification on this. I was told that bonus is already added to the gold amount but if you see all my tier they have different gold boost gear, so I should see the gold amount difference on each tier which I dont see. My Tier A has 24%, Tier B has 21%, Tier C has 36.5% and tier D has 131.2%. So if you say it is pre-added I should see Maximum gold amount on Tier D while lowest on Tier B which is not the case, I see same amount on all tier. Not satisfied with the resolution.

Hi HitenG,
I have asked the developers again with the new information you have provided.
There is currently a known issue (which will be fixed with the next client version) that if a player already is in a normal battle loadout and then switches from eg. wardrobe slot A to B, the Gold displayed does not immediately update. The player needs to close and reopen the screen first. Could it be that this has given you the impression that the Gold Boost does not work in Ninja Battles?