Ninja event: The placings must be fixed

What is the purpose of having a reward for 2nd 3rd 3th and so on? They are practically non existent.

More players than 1 will always get first. Why can’t everyone that get 1st have it but the second highest score after this get 2nd and so on. 

You are basicly just skipping rewards as some placings will never exist. Just one more way to screw us over on rewards. 

This is exactly the same as in the Olympics and every other even that ranks players. If two players tie for first, the next guy gets third. If two guys tie for second, the next guy is fourth. That’s just the way it always is.

I agree however that the difference in reward between flawless (6k pearls, 8 uber chests and 5 ninjas) and one missed tower (probably 1k pearls, 1 gold chest, 3 purple chest and 1 ninja) is ridiculous.

I agree with Vester, maybe that tie system isn’t unfair, what’s insane is the huge gap between prizes from one position to another.

true, flare must fix that is no fair


Hello everyone. I spend money for jewels (gems) every month and have it separately saved for ninja event. I’ll invest in future no jewels in the ninja event as long as no changes because something because 14 first places and thereafter equal to the 15. is absolutely not ok.

lousy number

There are 14 players who did better than you.
You are indeed the 15th ranked and you received accordingly the 15th ranked prize.

What is the problem exactly?

Should we just give a silver medal to all 10 runners in the olympics who were only 1 second behind the gold medal winner?

This is a competition.

you should be at 3rd place but you’re 16th. seem ridicolous

Well, it’s all about the reward “curve”, it is way too steep.

For 0,03% (!) less than the perfect score you get 55% less pearls.
The chests i would also count as 50% less …

And the consequence is simple: a player treated like that won’t spend
gems any more.

Fascinating how you compare olympics with this game.

In Olympics people dedicate their lives night and day to training for that specific thing and this is a game that we play for fun and relaxation. 

Plus points for random comparisons lol. 

30 levels from the event always reward you with 3 ninja no matter the place*

The only solution is to give rewards on a benchmark basis. Say if you cross 100k you get the certain rewards, etc. but I do not see this changing.

This was just the 2nd ninja event, so difficulty will increase + tougher gate towers.

Lol, you give me one example of a ranking where 30 people tie and the next one gets second.

I remember that in kindergarden, we all participate in a running competition. We all got 1st place ribbon no matter what rank we did.