Ninja event too easy?

Several of our players are already finished, tied for first and saying it was too easy. I’m about 2/3rd done and figured it would get hard later, but apparently not. Most likely will be massive ties for first place. Flare will need to tweak this for next event if its supposed to be challenging. Not surprising the first iteration will need tweaking.

Finished it myself now and definitely too easy. 3850 trophies and I dropped about 200 to get under the 4000 lvl to avoid being placed with 4999 trophy players. Probably could have beat these islands with zero boosts.

Hats off to Flare for bringing new features. No doubt they will tweak things. Don’t want the islands insanely difficult, but cakewalks aren’t fun either. If you can design islands so players have to think and strategize a little, that would be great.Also need to keep in mind the players in alliances with few or no boosts, so its fair for them. Perhaps Flare can factor in your alliance level as part of determining which pool and level of difficulty you are placed into. Players from higher lvl alliances are likely to have far better boosts, so should have a tougher challenge.  How about having one of the last islands neutralize all alliance boosts. Fighting unboosted would be a shock for many.

Ninjas pretty much invisible and a non-factor. Given event is supposed to be all about ninjas they should be much more prominent and formidable. A boss in the final battle would have been nice.

If you’re dropping trophies, then it will of course be too easy, next time don’t drop trophies…

I think the hardness is defined by the 0 fails and no towers missed challenge.

I decided not to drop trophies and yet it has been very easy for me.

Then let’s hope that on the next ninja event Flare will put the same difficulty as the dungeon “Shapeshifter Hollow IV” right form the start.

I agree it’s too easy but if it becomes too hard people will cry and say it’s so hard you gotta scroll p2w.

Needs to be adjust little  by little 

Try out the 5900+ range with Uber Lightning Tower if you want some challenge or surely the last second tier 5500 5-899 xD

Players that drop trophies before  event and after cry its too easy???  Wtf?  

Is something wrong with you gys? 

Did u forgot to take the red ? yesterday? 


Good point. Tough to balance. Tougher to make everyone happy. P2w definitely not wanted. This wasn’t P2W, as it was a cakewalk without spending a single gem on the Islands. I only paid to speed up ships, which was totally unnecessary and conferred no advantage beyond immediate gratification.

Hopefully Flare comes up with a solution that provides a challenge, without becoming P2W.  For me it was about the same as attacking a 2500 trophy player, or refighting a mid level dungeon from way way back.


It’s the same as dropping to the Bronze league and then to claim the leagues are too easy.

I did the same mistake of dropping and it’s easy. Oh well, next time will learn… We are all doing it the first time, so, next event we’ll be wiser.

The purpose of the event is to make it easy so everyone will try to claim the 1st position,in order to do this u need to make sure to get the max coins out of it,best way is to open the cof without fail by using the end flare hopes that everyone will be doing it to claims the 1st spot.most of the tier there are a few claiming 1st spot,the rest will be counted 5th position onwards.the reward is crap.especially those who are below the 5000tier,beside 1st spot other reward is crap

I like the event minus the waiting period, which needs some sort of adjustments.

Probably a group of fights before cooldown.

Maybe FG wants the first edition of the ninja event easy for players to have a feel of ninja. Guess, the second edition will be tough after a certain level. 

I am sure they will be working on the feedback by players.



I hate the cooldown. 8 hrs sleep & 8 hrs work or school, how can someone complete 30/30 battles.

You are in a meeting, a notification comes that your ship has reached the next island. You can’t just say to your boss, “Pause the meeting, I have to conquer an island in order to win the league.”

Flare, I suggest this Max 15 mins cooldown.

Why not ? Maybe he ll be thankfull because he has to conquer an island too…

you can always pretend diarrihea and run off…   :wacko:

They said the cooldown was there to prevent the abuse. I just don’t see what it brings, we are already limited on a maximum number of fights. The way the event is set up, you can only get perfect if you spend a huge ammount of gems AND your game runs perfectly.

About the Ninja event:

  1. Boring: all the islands and boats could be finished with around 30-60 seconds left. Everybody can do that within the actual range. (For Spartecus: I did not drop down trophies, still at around 4’900.)

  2. Gem eating: because of the different cooldowns sometimes you have to use gems to speed-up the time and / or use some to open COF.

  3. Crashing. I had 2 crashes, so I cannot be 1st, because I lost 1 battle and 1 COF.

  4. Fantastic: everybody can be 1st and get the rewards (without crashes, of course).

Everybody can decide whether the 3 bad points is equlized with the 1 good point.

Regards, Budakalasz

With 30 raids and 30 fights, there is absolutly no room for error (or crash :grinning: ).
The raids are unknown and you can’t try them outside the event. They have to
be easy (somehow), so different kind of players can compete. Not everybody is
in a fully boosted alliance. I lowered trophies and it’s easy for now.
But: i don’t want a challenge, when every failed raid means (almost) no reward.
There is nothing in between. And the only reward worth the time are the 3 uber
chests on the last 3 islands. 3 failed raids = completely worthless ninja event.

The other joke are the waiting times: working + sleeping = 16 hours, so 8 hours
per day left: it’s impossible to get to the last 3 levels with the uber chests. Not
getting to the last 3 islands with uber chests = completely worthless ninja event.

It will be very boring in the future, many days between wars with nothing to do.
Participating in the ninja event: no option, reasons above.

Flare: set up an alternative war season for those not participating in the ninja events.
Make players choose, what they want in the beginning. Or make participating in the
ninja event worth it for ALL players (uber chests!), not only 5 % (heavy) paying players.


My opinion is to change the positions of uber chest and instead in the last 3 battles they should relocate them randomly in the island so every player can at least get an uber chest if face a crash 

We are in the same pool. I was at 4050, so technically only needed to drop 50 trophies to get in lower league. I’m skeptical that keeping those 50 trophies would have resulted in a dramatically harder challenge knowing what I now know. I was expecting dungeon lvl difficulty and thought only 1 player would finish first and 2500 trophy players would have no chance in their pool, 4000 trophy plyrs no chance in their pool. So I got white belt ninja in my pool. Stay above 4000 maybe you get yellow belt ninja. Still a yawner.

I don’t know whether difficulty differs within each range (2500-3999 etc) but if an Island is difficult for a 3999 player, then it will be impossible for a 2500 player. If difficult for a 4999 player, impossible for a 4000 player.

As for time sailing, perhaps it might help by putting Islands in groups of 5 with no more than 15 minutes between islands within a group, but longer to get to the next group of five.

Don’t worry guys m sure FLARE must be thinking of NINJA COIN PERK in gears… Hahaha