Ninja event too easy


this event not challenge now(

may be really we need change?

this event must be event about skill! 


Please double hp of towers near gate or something.

Will make game req more skill.

Sonic+firestorm = too ezy

Better some levels- with no scrolls

or some- with no some units or spells( no monk for example,or now firestorm)

Until you scroll free all base 100%, DO NOT say that it is easy

Only loosers think we need scroll free

no need

This event should be about skill. There should be ZERO towers around the gate. It comes down to LUCK so often whether you get the super strong towers down before gate. If you are lucky or not does not make for a good event. Try making the path tougher and lose the pathetic gate towers.

This event is close to being boycotted.

U dnt need luck to beat tower near gate

its really not hard,its easy.

all u need- be careful and use sonic+firestorm and Wok



Yeah cromka event is too easy… fg should put some strong towers at the gate. It is really easy currently

Not towers

better make some levels where we cant use Wolf or Pyro

or where we cant use Revive)


somethink challenge and interesting

really loose only pearsons which dnt wanna win( dnt wanna use spells, dnt wanna change their combo)

its my point

I would prefer they stop making this a game of luck. Not sure about the rest of you, but I prefer Poker over Bingo!!

What combo u use in event?

My combo was primarily ogre monk Wolf install cannon. firestorm blizzard sonic.

Not really that relevant, as mine and others views are the gate towers make this event a joke! Soon we will all just take a few days off unless we need some extra gold or to forge an item. 

How many gems did you spend tho? If you scrolled or revived you cant say it’s too easy lol

 Spent near 600

its too easy coz very low chance to loose

u can loose only bu crush or if u really dnt wanna win

Nice combo

i fnt understand how u can loose this combo(


if u will not play in ninja- u think somebody will care? Its only ur choice

others will


Yes, flare’s way of measuring skills - People getting perfect score? Make tankier tower at gate! 


Why not just put a boosted snake, skull, light, frost, Firebolt and bomber tower at every gate? Surely no one could have that amount of ‘skill’ to clear it 100%!

seems u r just too good,maybe u should find a more difficult game to play…no one in my league is perfect yet

Many ll perfect in my tier

its not i good

others seems sucks

really its stupid- cry about towers near gate

u all really dnt know how to beat them?

its fucking easy!!!

im one of the sucky ones…its very hard for me to get perfect in this event…i am a big disappointment to my parents…so sad

All u need- teach some tricks and not save scroll