Ninja event too easy

i really am trying …i will get better

some tips

  1. not make big army

  2. go ahead to beat 1 side tower and go back to troops ,scream and go them away from gate

use fire and sonic,both

thank you i also am taking aemaggedon in case needed


One more tip, Carry insta-pyros. Consider carrying Hammerstrike as 3rd spell. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:  

Its not my favorite

tw and bs is mine.

i heard armaggedon delete gate faster




I’m not crying or even that bothered by not getting 100%. This is as good as a blacksmith event for me. All I want from it is the pearls. So I get less for not coming 1st, not a major issue. My point was as an event should it be about skill or luck? I and many others think it is too much down to luck, especially with pyro or cannons in play. 

I like the idea of challenges, no scrolls, revive or certain troops on levels. Rewards should also be made different, I liked the tier idea I read somewhere. Maybe everyone will get the top tier, but the skill would come into it if you spent 50 gems getting there when someone else had to use 1k.

ok ill switch and try


For me I don’t see any problems in this Ninja Event at all. Stop see just a side of a medal and see the other side of the medal

I am level 95, my knight at +28, my archer +21 and some of my spells are at +3 or +4 only but if I have a hard time and find its really hard maybe its because my spells are not well upgraded or forged

What think make me really love this Ninja Event?

That Improve my skills in a way because if at level 95 I have a hard time to do islands at 15 and have a really hard time when I reach 20. I know its because my troops or my spells are not well improve,etc…

The other benefic of this event its allow to face full boosted defense, if I can pass all this thing so easily I gonna be ready to face players full boosted base,etc…

For me this event its like training, more and more I gonna do this event and more I gonna play better and maybe improve my skill and all

Maybe too easy for some players who have millions of gems to waste and all but for free players its really a good event. Nothing to change

Plus that give Uber Chest for free you can obtain strong items


Leave the Ninja event as is.

However,   Flare - wake up , you can find out right away how easy or not easy this event is.  For every stage that a king no scrolls he gets an additional 5% coins , kiss your silly tie scores good bye.


Oh wait I had suggested this 5 months ago with skull perk wars being so unbalanced now - for every base you beat without using a scroll you get additional Skulls bonus.

I forgot Flare wants nothing to do with skilled wars or events.


This is a p2w game, we have always known that.

600 gems!!!  Easy event?  LOL… 


Yes,very easy

In my tier 50% got 1 place

its mean- its too easy

At lower tiers like 2500-3000 the islands are easy but what forces you to use gems is gate towers. All are low level but they contain multiple war boosts. 

Like frenzy frost uberblaster, blessing raging wolf, uber LT, Accursed Tower, Frozen Spire.

The gate towers are stronger than normal towers. This makes you scroll.

Probably the biggest reason higher Tiers have more at 1st is that they have more players who spend money on this game.  


Yes its true


If u no spent money-why u wanna be in same place like them?

prize is 16 ubers

its ussial cost near 8000

may be u need spent some gems- near 1000 and get prize for 8000?

or all wanna it for free?)

No!!! I call that be stupid that all. I don’t understand what is the goal to waste 500 gems or more to unlock islands and ship before the others when you have just to wait the cooldown. That take only 1 day and half to finish the 29 and wait 7 hours the Dreadnought. I see this each ninja event and the person who do that finish 50th or below to get just a little reward. What the goal? I don’t get it

I understand the fact you must spend gems to obtain perfect score in COF for all coins but waste gems in scrolls and unlock islands and ship? No

You don’t need to scrolls or waste gems to finish islands. in tier 2500-2999 I did all island with no boost and bad equipment except 29 who for me its really hard. In this 3rd ninja event I have got better items from Uber Chest in 2nd Ninja event and I try the tier 3000-3500 and again with no super spells stuffs and troops I do all islands and never waste gems to destroy everything except again 29 who I fail. I don’t get it what to do in this one really hard

My guess is people spend gems because they want to finish in top 10 but its not necessary maybe just in COF because its not 100% guaranteed you gonna finish in good position

Some people unlock islands early as they are too desperate. I’m not among them.

I am not a heavy scroller. I had to use a revive or 2 on the 28th and 29th to finish all towers because you miss tower, your rewards get worse. The challenge is to destroy all towers. That makes you scroll. Use scrolls like blessing, armageddon, etc. since insta-troops might aim for the gate.

If you are a good raider and confident about doing all islands successfully with all towers and CoF, you can get 1st.

I spent how many gems, about 150 and this is the result.

Sorry I don’t understand well how its possible to miss a Tower? someone must explain to me how you can miss a tower really. They are enough big with the purple aura and all its impossible or you play on a phone with a screen of 3’’ larger? When you said the goal its destroy all that make you scroll. Why waste 9,10 or 20 gems on each islands if you can destroy them all for free? c’mon its not that hard just with Sonic Blast level 8 at 7,700 damage I destroy all. The majority have Sonic Blast at level 10 forged at +10 at least to do 11k or more. I don’t see the point to waste gems when you can destroy all easily for free. 

For me that its non sense You want destroy all = Scrolls What? maybe in tier 5000-5500 or over but in tier below 4K really not or you are maybe like I see in the list level 78 or 80 that explain the solutions of scrolling without that if you are level 90+ and you scroll you must ask the question Why? bad equipment, wrong combinaison of equipment,not enough strong,etc… 

You first explain to me how you would go about a raid if there were 6 gate towers. 2 LT, 2 FB and 2 Garg Nests.

I have read on google one day when I have answer someone about how to record video game on phone. I have see you can plug your phone on PC to use the monitor. I don’t know if its true or not but if its true maybe people should use a Pc monitor to see well all the detail and more larger

PS : forget it I see a video on Youtube about Projet my screen app and its stupid that reproduce the same size of the phone. I was thinking that was full screen ok nevermind lol