Ninja Event totally bugged

Not playable, shows strange scores for every level.


Not to mention I’m seeing all 4 boosted units and 2 boosted towers in the first level as well, and there’s been no patch note, no update, or any other mention of the Ninja event getting a difficulty spike all of a sudden.

I am allready at the last Island with max score ? Not able to do anything

After a Restart, everything is back to normal, as it seems.

Very strange. Many players had the same bug.

everything ok again?

I just did the 1st batch of levels and noticed that my units are randomly getting turned to stone even though there are no basilisk towers anywhere near my units - or even when there are no basilisk towers on the level at all.  I noticed something odd on the 1st level when my units were stoned when there wasn’t a basilisk tower on the screen, but I figured maybe I missed something and then started paying more attention to it in levels 2-4.  On those levels, I definitely saw my units gets stoned even when the levels contained zero basilisk towers.  

It must be due to stone ninjas :grinning:

Everything back to normal!

Though it seems some people still get a mistake when they first enter the Ninja Event.
After a restart, everything is okay.

There is still a bug I think, as the stone ninja are mentionned with 10% chance of petrification, but for me it is closer to 100%. If I don’t stay close to my army when they appear, if I leave 10s, I have all my army (6 or 7 units generally) petrified…

No big deal for the first levels, but it will become a pain soon…

Is it normal @PaSte ?

doh - you’re right. I don’t recall ever seeing this before so never even thought to look at the special abilities of the ninjas. :slight_smile:

I agree with Baccuse that this is happening a lot - not sure if it’s intended or not though so it would be nice to get a confirmation.  IMO it would also be nice if, in the future, it was more obvious that this was related to ninja activity.  I usually run with a huge army (knights, etc) and there was not any obvious cause for my units being stoned - even when I was explicitly looking for it.    

The problem is, with the limited commnication from Flare, you can not know if it is a bug or a feature.  :slightly_frowning_face: