Ninja Event ⌛?️

Hi, I would like to know if in any update you will fix the waiting time for the ninjas event?

Or it will be that for the “conquest” we will wait more than an approximate month.

There are people of low, medium and high level that does not reach us with the casting of pearls.

I hope you can touch that topic, since they are among the few events that give good rewards.

Thank you for your attention and I await any response from the administrators.

X2. Fix time pls, we need ninja event??

I guess many don’t read it. Here its the news about Ninja Event why there is a cooldown of overs 20 days :

For people who find it too much hard to click and read because its so difficult. OMG O.O

Quote :

‘‘The new Ninja event will start on the 28th of September’’.

Thaks ?

Yep, we’ve already received the official response from flare. Pretty sure the reason they gave us two Conquests and a war instead of Conquest, War, then Ninja, was to give us some time to really get into the flow of the Conquest. You know, get understand some of the fundamentals of it and stuff