Ninja event

Hello everybody!

It’s me again…

today i want to talk about ninja event!

let’s first understand that we need special equipment, spells and troops to go through this event 100%

to 28 of island, I was passing the event in my main gear, comfortable for me. with pala ogre wolf, toxic shild bladestorm



28-30 its special gear (for ninja)

I hope next time I will rise one more step higher and try again to go through the event with such setup

inside you will find a couple of thoughts for a comfortable and correct game inside the alliance. I wish you find a good team and friends in it.
practice, improve your base, increase your trophies and achieve the best results in the game! good luck

your Invizzzible

@Hanniland ??



p.s. sorry for my mistake in numbering the last island 

The first thing you need is understand why do you need this ninja?

i cant even find even 1 reason to mke more then 1 raid( to get 1 ninja and improve till 5 after)


i have nothing to forge, everything are forged

why do i need ubers? No idea, even for gold i dnt need- everything max. 100+ towers

also jinja is easy , no challenge 


may be if it will be unique item for win, or skin it will be interesting

but now its not


Good as always bro

@cr1 This is a challenge that you want to pass.

with your points you help the team get a ninja in defense, it will help some members of the alliance to get a more powerful base, thereby raising their trophies. 
Thanks Oleg.

Thanks for sharing Super Panda :wink:

Not it doesnt in my case

the goal is 11.5 , usually we are around 17 

and its good, i dnt want to have stress for defence ninja

rr2 is old game, a lot of big spenders are max, what is the goal for them in ninja? Flare should think about

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I was just pointing it out, since no one of us could see the video…

At least a simple “thank you” would have been enough, no?

@ShadowsGuardian I deleted the whole topic and created it again. The video has been blocked. I spent a lot of time replacing songs and rendering. thanks

Ok, I didn’t notice the topic was a new one.

No problem @Invizzzible.