Ninja Event

How is the number calculated what items each Alliance needs to get to get the extra defender ninja? Is it related to the lvl of the alliance or number of members?

Level of alliance

Mag is correct,

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Hi there. I’m not clear on what has recently changed with ninjas becoming harder to obtain. 80% of my team participates fully and yet it is not enough to obtain the defense ninjas. That effort used to be enough. Between always trying to fill the last 20% of the team and out of 40+ people there is always someone on vacation, out sick, etc. it is difficult to do better than 80% participation. Morale is low and this issue is causing the game to feel stressful instead of rewarding. We play this game to have fun and when the goal line is out of reach for months at a time, it no longer makes the game fun. Is there any chance this goal can be more obtainable? If we upgraded the alliance too far, can we downgrade it? 

All your alliance members need to get more trophies and play in higher ninja tiers, so they get much more points than in lower tiers.

No, alliances, as any other element in the game, can only be leveled up, AFAIK.

What Thomas said. You cannot downgrade your alliance. A solution might be indeed getting your alliance members to gain more trophies and join higher ninja tiers. To do so they might need for example activated boosts (first to gain those trophies, secondly to be able to beat more difficult tiers). Apart from that there is not much you can do. You can try to find new/stronger members or for example trying to find some friends around from other alliances who will be willing to join your alliance and help you gain a few ninja coins (when they leave coins will stay withing  your alliance.

You need to do this:

  1. Recruit harder. You can never stop recruiting new players;

  2. Kick inactive players (and by “inactive” I mean players that do not participate in wars and ninjas regularly);

  3. Try to get everyone to increase their trophies, to get into an higher ninja tier;

  4. At lower trophies (I’d say bellow 4000 trophies) defensive ninjas are not really that useful, so don’t stress too much about that. However, missing the defensive ninjas is a bad thing for an alliance. It’s not a good look;

  5. This is the most important thing: whatever you chose to do, NEVER stop leveling up your alliance. Slowing that down to make it easier to get the defensive ninjas is a TRAP! Don’t fall for it! Ninjas come and go, boosts come and go, but alliance levels are forever. Alliance levels (and pet donations too, btw) are the most important things to focus on.


Good luck

Thank you for this advice. I appreciate your time.

It is interesting about whether or not defensive ninjas are valuable. I think for the team it is a symbolic reward of team success, even if they don’t offer a lot of value. It is proof that we can work hard together and reach a goal. It is deflating to not get them when so many people work so hard. And the difference between getting or not getting the success trophy depends on your fellow team mates. It is terrible on morale and makes people want to find the alliances that are reaching the goal. 

Meanwhile, your pep talk is appreciated and we’re going to work hard on motivation and strategy. If you or anyone else wants to do all of these things for ninjas, Blued Edge is a determined team and would love to have you. :grinning:

Thank you, Thomas. :slight_smile:  We’ll just keep motivating and working hard together :slight_smile:

Can you tell me more about why it is so beneficial to keep upgrading the alliance? It seems it comes with consequences… not only are ninja events harder, but the wars seem harder too. Is that true that wars are actually harder? Obviously it unlocks boosts but is it worth it or will everything just keep getting harder?

Your opponents in alliance wars are chosen from alliances with approximately the same number of fiefdoms that your alliance has. AFAIK, it does not depend on alliance level.

However, with every alliance level up, the costs for boosts also increase! The costs to prolong or level up an elite, war or pro boost depend on the alliance level, and higher level alliances have to pay much more alliance gold for the same boost than a lower level alliance has. I don’t think it makes sense to level up you alliance when you don’t need it, e.g., when your alliance is full and more members want to join.

Because an alliance that doesn’t level up is a DEAD alliance that is not going anywhere.

What are you even fighting for, if you’re not progressing in the game as an alliance? Your best and most activate players will notice this and will leave sooner or later because of this.


Do not confuse this with a strategic plan to collect enough gold to level up a few levels in a row to save on boosts (example: lots of lvl70 alliances collected 10B gold to go from 70->80 at once). This is fine, but make sure your members understand there’s a plan and what’s going on. Some of them are too new to the game to even care about alliance level ups (or too selfish, since they’d prefer extra boosts instead).


You have to keep leveling up to get more and better rewards during the ninja event, more and better boosts and to have more alliance members.

Ninja - you can get 1 uber chest at lvl41, all the way up to 6 uber chests at lvl 71.

Boosts - you need lvl 28 for the Werewolf boosts and lvl 56 for the Monk boost.

Alliance members - you need at least 45 to score in the war. Since you only have about 80% participation (you said it yourself and it’s a good estimate even for most top100 alliances I guess) then you need 56 players in total. If only 80% of those 56 players participate, you have 45 players participating.


Regarding the last question (why bother leveling up if everything is just going to become harder?)… well, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Not every alliance will reach the top (most will just die along the way) and not every leadership team has what it takes to lead a successfull alliance. It takes a lot of time and effort to get there. It’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

That’s why you need good and dedicated generals with you. The leader has to be super active and dedicated to the alliance. The leadership teams needs to be very active in recruiting new players and kicking low activity players. This is the only way to keep improving while still getting stronger as a team.

If you’re wondering what a good progress is for a low lvl alliance, lets say at least 2 levels per month would be a nice goal.


I’d say most alliances fail at the recruiting part, so they compensate by “sabotaging” other aspects of the alliance (like having more boosts to attract players, and not leveling up because it’s alot of work and makes things harder). Those alliances die due to weak and incompetent leadership, it’s that simple.