ninja event

I think flare need to restart ninja event… bcuz flare already banned pro tickets donetion so between two teckit 30 day so we can’t get pears from pro event. so we have only one way to get so many pears for forging is only ninja event…

What u say about this guys…

I say all this talk about pears is making me hungry! ??. Seriously though, I do understand what you’re saying. I like the ninja events because it’s fast easy gold, pearls, and gems.  I just wish we could “fast forward” to the islands without spending an outrageous fortune on gems.  I mean, really?  Gems are so hard to come by for the average player and the AMOUMT of gems they want you to spend for something so temporary like cooldowns of moves are ridiculous.  I can understand when you upgrade towers and troops, but when we move?  Just seems petty.   

Now, I would be up for having a longer ninja event running concurrently with something else.  Longer, so we don’t HAVE to run through it in such a short time, especially if you only have so much bread…  It would give us something to do when we’ve reached our limits in fights during wars and festivals. ?

We still have no comment at all from Flare about the new extended event cooldowns?

I hope they harshly increase the ninja event rewards if that’s a permanent change on how often we are gonna have the event now.

There are things that certainly become necessary as a beginner gains level.
First of all, farmer boost is indispensable to them from UBER CHEST.

Of course UBERCHST offers come. 5100gem? 1500gem ?
But with the budget you want to use for this game in a year…
Do not you think you should just buy UBER chest at a small level and continue to open it?

Of course neither I nor you guys. When it gets up the level it will exchange a new one,It is terrible bastard to buy things to throw away.

It is important to have a wise play. That attitude is correct as a "game” posture.

App to teach you to waste money
It is no longer a game.



@Darkerion, we still have 6 days, give or take, for an announcement on the Conquest to pop out from flare. I expect that we’ll get the new event schedule to go along with that announcement

Would rather play ninjas than conquest…

Well, let’s just wait and see what’s in store for us in the update that will fix some of the things that are making the Conquest a pain in the butt. Hopefully it becomes more playable and more fun for everyone

I miss ninjas so much

I miss more the easy uber chests and the big amount of pearls rather than the ninjas themselves but yeah I miss the challenge


my pearls become low. I miss the Ninja Event who allow me to gain +2500 pearls

Would rather trying to escape a Saw (movie) trap than play conquest ?

Looking forward to play conquest mode tho, where, in a 8-day long psychological and physical torture, I can earn half the pearls and 10% of the gems I’d make at the ninja event

After the worst horrible first Conquest. At this point I think everyone will like play Ninja Event than Conquest

didn’t we all kinda knew the reason of all the delay ? So we can only get pearl by the traditional way - SPEND GEMS ? ??? 

I don’t think so. They are aware of how much mess they did. They dont want to ***** ninja event with new boosts and chceck how everything works after nerfs(balance).

But yeah, not having an event and having one which was a disaster isn’t helping them in any way.

Wrong, wrong and wrong. you cannot have more wrong sorry

1.Pearls can be obtainable via Blacksmith when you melt your items

2.Pearls can be obtainable via Conquest Mode in Blacksmith Chest

3.Pearls can be obtainable via Chamber of Fortune

4.Pearls can be obtainable via any chests

5.Pearls can be obtainable via spend gems

Ninja is no more until September 28th but you will survive until then… in Conquest the Blacksmith chest give close 1k pearls. So if you have like 4 its 4k if no more plus your melting,plus chest in War,etc… you can get 10k pearls or more easy if you have all blacksmith slots unlock without the Ninja Event

I hope so, currently i only have lunch break and at night when my work is over and in 8 battle if i lucky i can get 4 or 5 green to blue item which each worth around 3~10 pearl i suppose, i do log in game some time during the day but most of the time is to check enemy on conquest map so i earn like 30+ pearl a day . Best sources i get near this time is when PL ended last month and from spending upgrade conquest tower so compared to 400+ pearl for each perk now any other source than spend gems would cost like half a month or so to upgrade anything . But i do have lower play time than other so yeah, people will be fine.

10 days away before the new Ninja Event. Impatient to know what look like

Same as ever I guess.

Depends on if they still remember how to run them (because I don’t). :stuck_out_tongue:

what is ninja event, i cant even remember, did such event really exist ? ?